read online ePUB Gifts for Our Time: Rivenshaw Saga, Book 4 (Audio Download): Anna Jacobs, Julia Franklin, Hodder & Stoughton: Audible Audiobooks By Anna Jacobs –

The final instalment in the Rivenshaw series set at the end of WWII in Lancashire Germany , and Christa Sommer boards the Kindertransport, unsure that she ll ever see her beloved mother and father again Once in England she is taken in by elderly Mrs Pelling, who grows to love Christa as the daughter she never had But inMrs Pelling dies While her will cannot be found, her money grabbing niece appears out of the blue to claim her inheritance and turfs Christa out, with only a suitcase to her name The prejudice against Germans still runs high in England, and Christa is unable to secure a job or a place to stay Luck comes her way when a lady she saves from being mugged turns out to be Mayne Esher s friend Daniel s mother Taking pity on Christa, they take her to Rivenshaw, where they plan to start a new life as part of the Esher building firm There, Christa is welcomed with open arms, and she soon develops a love for the place, the people and Daniel But Esherwood is not the trouble free sanctuary she first thinks Determined to do their bit for soldiers returning from the war, they have agreed to allow the council to build prefabs on some of Esherwood s garden But an empire building town planner seems set on taking all of Mayne s land for the war effort Mayne has also discovered a secret door at the back of the old Nissen hut, with a complicated locking mechanism that has local locksmiths dumbfounded Just what is hidden behind the door to warrant such high security

8 thoughts on “Gifts for Our Time: Rivenshaw Saga, Book 4 (Audio Download): Anna Jacobs, Julia Franklin, Hodder & Stoughton: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Edith Rimmer Edith Rimmer says:

    Just Finished reading this book should I say brilliant book once again Anna has kept me engaged in a thrilling story just could not put this down Anna is one of the best writers of our times can t wait till the next book is out thank you Anna xx


    I chose this rating because the story sad to begin with especially poor Christa who lost both her parents and Mrs Pelling then had to be verbly abused by the nasty Mrs Greyton,poor girl was so vulnerable.I m so glad she met Daniel and his aunt what lovely people like everyone at the Esher house everyone got on one big happy family ,and the secret cellar was to reveal enough treasure to save the Esher house.The weddings of Daniel and Christa also Steph and Anthony made everyone happy and just in time for Christmas.brilliant stories in all four books.

  3. Lorraine Steele Lorraine Steele says:

    I have read all four books in this saga , all were thoroughly enjoyable the characters especially I am just sorry it as ended I wish there was So anna jacobs could you write another to let us know how they all get on.

  4. anco anco says:

    A wonderful story mainly full of hope for the future Following a horrible war which started when I was two I can still remember the shortages which lasted a long time but it was a much closer community wherever you lived and most people looked out for one another Keep up the good work.

  5. Pat Robinson Pat Robinson says:

    The last book in a wonderful series Anna Jacobs has done it again, so accurately I remember the years after the war, when things took so long for get back to normal We children knew nothing else but for our parents it must have been so hard So once again she has captured their hopes and ambitions in her gripping series.

  6. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    The fourth and last book in the Rivenshaw Saga was Ann unputdownable read from first page to last I do love Anna Jacobs books You get pulled into the story quickly and are hooked I read this in 24 hours and hated to put it down even for 10 minutes If you like family sagas you will love Anna Jacobs books.

  7. Mois reads Mois reads says:

    Wow wow wow words can t describe just have fantastic this series of books were A little village called rivenshaw.with a fantastic manor house called Esherwood with Mayne Esher trying to save his home with Judith by his side and his friends Victor , Francis , Daniel, plus there ladies and Ray everyone had there part to play the conclusion is every bit as fantastic as you can imagine 5 STARS for Anna Jacobs she really deserved 10 STARS for this fantastic series.

  8. D a D a says:

    I was left wanting There could be follow on books to see how the lives continue for the families, was the big house restored to a family home after the discovery of the treasure Did the company stay together and build homes for the people of Rivenshaw.Over all a great saga.