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A very well written story, set in WW1 around munition industries and women s part in the war effort.This book is not a polished sanatised version if what happened and it gave good details of events and popular conception of what was happening during those dark years of WW1 The book did make a glancing reference to the differences in the Pankhurst women s places in that time in history I was rather pleased to see the noted description of Sylvia Pankhurst, who I have always felt was the forgotten Pankhurst.The story is a good one and had enough drama and comraderie in it to satisfy Essex,Lily is a housemaid up at St Clere s Hall But times are changing with the outbreak of war With a husband bent on signing up for the trenches and a lecherous master of the house, Lily is forced to leave Doing her bit for the war effort and bringing in money for the family Lily goes to work in a factory making explosives to send to the trenches It s a hard job The munitionettes must face terrible working conditions, the constant danger of accidents and air strikes and a patronising, self serving boss And then someone she never wanted to see there arrives Lady Charlotte, the pampered daughter of the hall, joins the factory as a supervisor Lily and Charlotte have choices they never had before but in the shadow of the Great War, can the factory girls work together for a better future Not the usual Ww1book Although I knew about the munitions girls ,this gave a in depth view of just how dangerous a job this was, and how cheerful the girls were in the face of the daily danger Loved the added twist of the ladies football team. This was wonderful x I feel so emotional and it made me smile and also the pain in what the men and women were doing suffering during the First World War was awful xBut I have really enjoyed lily and Charlotte xx thank you An elderly relative, who died a long time ago, was a Canary girl You have painted an amazing picture of the work those women did under the most appalling conditions and the gap between rich and poor An excellent read This story was a good and informative read and gives some insight into how hard and difficult it was for women and their rights in the early twentieth century and the fantastic way they were able to make a change to women s rights ,how courageous they were.Women owe the beginnings of the start of being recognised as valued as a person with skills other than being servants to homes and domestic life Thank you Sue Wilsher I have loved reading about Lily and Charlotte Two fabulous women with different lives I was surprised to learn about the cordice sheds I knew about the women turning yellow but not the rest I am looking forward to your next book xxx Really enjoyed this book It set in the first work war, and the struggles and danger of women in service and the women who risked there lives in the munition factories Enjoy.