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Detective Cashel Cash Godfrey is big, tattooed, and angry so people typically keep their distance He s fresh out of the police academy, however, no one is looking to partner with the six foot four beast with a huge chip on his shoulder and an inability to trust When Cash scans the orientation room he wasn t expecting to find sexy hazel eyes locked onto him Eyes of the handsome Detective Leonidis Leo Day Leo is charming, witty, hilariously sarcastic and the only one that can make Cash smile He s proud, out, and one bad ass detective Together, Cash and Leo become the most revered and successful narcotics detectives Atlanta s ever seen Able to communicate and understand each other, without even having to voice it, they quickly climb up the promotional ranks When Cash saves Leo s life in a raid that turns deadly, Leo begins to see something in the big man that no one else doessomething special But Leo fears he ll never break through the impenetrable wall that protects Cash s heart Contains mature themes

13 thoughts on “Nothing Special: Nothing Special Series, Book 1 (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: A.E. Via, Aiden Snow, Tantor Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Georgina Rutherford Georgina Rutherford says:

    This book is really something special I love God and Day The two main characters interact so believably together You cannot help but like them Day with his compassion and sense of humour And God who just is.You just know that when they get together it will be explosive.

  2. Sharon Sharon says:

    Oh my i absolutly loved this book It made me cry and that doesnt happen often I loved God and Day what a couple Take charge God and smart ass Day Wow I am fairly new to this author I loved the promises books but this one touched me in ways that a book hasn t for a long time I loved the drama the sex scenes and the romance I loved it all Going to read the next one now yaay

  3. littleegg littleegg says:

    I know that it shouldn t make a difference to the story in general but bad proofreading really spoils a story, I can ignore the odd typo but when the wrong word is used not just once it drives me mad and detracts from the storytelling eg the two MCs kept getting accomodations for their good work maybe I m mistaken perhaps the police get new houses when they solve a case , this is just one example Anyway, the story was interesting and the theme of abuse was handled well but it still could have been done so much better, the characters were just not rounded out enough and not given enough depth If a bit thought had gone into this it could have been so much better.

  4. Makelarejo Makelarejo says:

    This is a book I have read before and I have to say God and Day left a lasting impression on me.A couple of detectives that one day realise they mean to each other than just partners on the force I laughed and cried and smiled a lot during this book.There is a part near the end I am unsure about as it goes against the alpha male you are mine that is between them but it works in the book and I still love the series.Highly recommend reading this book and series

  5. JED JED says:

    This is a good readvery effective combination of police thriller and romantic awakenings.The characters are three dimensional, the reader feels for them from the outsetboth similar but different, not realising how much they need each other.Good way of linking to the authors other works by making references to characters from different bookscreates a rounded world in which they inhabit.Powerful and movingglad I have downloaded the others in the series

  6. Whippo Whippo says:

    I was on my way to rating 4 stars until the sex scene with the 4 men It s not that I have anything against the a foursome it s a story and fiction after all but all the way through the story, to me, was about the love, desire and possesiveness in an exclusive relationship between the two leads Then all of a sudden the sex scene felt thrown in for titillation rather then 2 add value After that I skipped to the end and had I not already bought the other books in this series i doubt I would have read the others.

  7. Friendlybabe Friendlybabe says:

    I love this book about how two alpha male gets together I love how you can see the relationship develops from friends to lovers I would recommend this book

  8. Becky C Becky C says:

    Love A.E Via Full disclosure I m pretty biased there are a few spelling grammatical errors throughout the book it would have benefited from another sweep in editing , but her stories and sexy scenes are always incredibly satisfying, like all guilty pleasures are.

  9. KR Phoenix @ Books, Tattoos and Tea KR Phoenix @ Books, Tattoos and Tea says:

    4.5 stars Heat Level 4.5Oh, my word Such alpha passion Now I d say this is a seriously hot book, with tension, care, love, sass, and humor I love God and Day and really enjoyed their story I ve read the rest of the series before this one I know crazy right I liked the power dynamics and care between these two Were introduced to them briefly in the prologue as rookies , they fall in love over the four plus years they ve worked together, then we re brought back into the story as they finally realize they love each other and start a passion filled relationship I loved the give and take between theses to and their care for each other is always present I love God s overwhelming presence and Day s quick wit and humor I loved how close they grew and how God s story was told and how he healing with the help of Day The couple play scenes a foursome was hot, hot, hot Oh my, pages set on fire.I will say I feel the series has improved as it s gone on and I don t necessarily feel this was as good as I had hoped, but God and Day are the foundation and I love the whole team they are yet to assemble It s weird reviewing in reverse but I still love God and Day as characters and they all just get better in time Thanks for reading

  10. Minelli Minelli says:

    Das war schon ganz in Ordnung Allerdings war es mir zuviel Knick Knack Au erdem lagen s mtlich Probleme bei God Day hat ihm im Prinzip bei allem geholfen, aber sonst war er recht fad.Ich wei nicht was ich zu der Situation mit Johnson und Ro sagen soll Einerseits hassen sie sich am Anfang und am Ende Ich hatte erstmal ein gro es WTF auf meiner Stirn stehen Klar war das gut zu lesen aber trotzdem recht wirr.Der ganze Plot war sowieso so konstruktionslos Einerseits war das gut, andererseits war es recht seltsam.Deshalb auch das Mittelding 3 Sterne.Ich h tte gerne etwas mehr Polizeieinsatz gehabt, mir war das zuviel Knick Knack Bei vielen B chern passt das, hier war es mir zu viel.

  11. Melissa Frendo Melissa Frendo says:

    I actually really enjoyed this book until boom out of nowhere comes the foursome scene I just could not finish the book after this It honestly really surprised me as Cash was really possessive over Leo and then all of a sudden he was ok with them participating in a orgy Nope didn t gel for me I just didn t feel the love between Leo Cash after that It s a shame as A.E Via is a fantastic writer From reviews it seems the 3rd book in the series only feature a monogamous couple no out of the blue orgies so I will definitely be reading that Don t get me wrong I enjoy reading m nage books where they are all in love and committed to each other I just would of appreciated a little warning about the group sex.

  12. Ani Teb Ani Teb says:

    Ich bin froh, dass ich erst relativ sp t auf diese Buchserie gesto en bin so konnte ich 5 Teile am St ck lesen und genie en.In dem ersten und besten Teil Nothing Special geht es um die Detectives Cashel Godfrey God und Leonidis Day allein schon diese Namen seufz des Atlanta Police Department Die meisten Menschen machen einen Bogen um God wegen seiner Gr e und seines Erscheinungsbildes Und Leo spr ht nur so vor Witz und hat ein gef hrliches Mundwerk.Dieses Paar hat es mir sofort angetan Mir kommt immer wieder diese intensive Szene in einem Lagerhaus w hrend einer Drogenrazzia in den Sinn, die mir immer wieder eine G nsehaut beschert, als God bef rchtet, Leo zu verlieren Zusammen sind sie jedoch unschlagbar Und zusammen bauen sie auch die ber chtigte Drogen Taskforce des APD auf Diese Truppe ist echt durchgeknallt und fast durchweg gay oder bi.In den nachfolgenden Teilen der Serie, die sich ber einen Zeitraum von mehreren Jahren abspielt, geht es immer um andere Mitglieder der Taskforce.In Teil 2 Embracing his Syn ist es Corbin Sydney Syn , der Sergeant der Einheit.In Teil 3 Here comes trouble sind es die Detectivs Ruxberg und Green ich sag nur Demolition men.In Teil 5 Nothing special V geht es um den Techniker das Computergenie Shawn alias Tech.Und es gibt endlich die Hochzeit von God und Day God s special DayDen 4 Teil Don t judge h tte sich A.E Via m E jedoch sparen k nnen, von der Handlung her als auch von den Charakteren Die spielen n mlich in der Serie keine Rolle und finden auch kaum eine Erw hnung Wird Detective Michaels im ersten Teil noch als minderbemittelter Streifenpolizist dargestellt, steigt er pl tzlich schnell in der Taskforce als Scharfsch tze auf Das konnte ich nicht so nachvollziehen.Schade hingegen finde ich, dass es keinen extra Teil mit den Detectives Johnson und Ronowski gibt Das ist wirklich lustig mit den beiden Kurz vor Ende des ersten Teiles ergibt sich da eine ganz besondere 4 er Konstellation Da wird einem so richtig warm Alles in allem ist die Serie sehr empfehlenswert, obwohl ich besonders den ersten Teil mag wegen Cashel Godfrey und Leonidis Day.

  13. SehrVielLeserin (500+ Bücher/ Jahr) SehrVielLeserin (500+ Bücher/ Jahr) says:

    Ein bisschen anders als die anderen sehr guten Stories aus dem Gay Romance Genre weniger gradlinig, eher unerwartete Wendungen, hat mir gut gefallen Die Protas waren sympathisch Kein gro es Drama aber insgesamt gute Story und auch sehr gutgeschrieben, die bersetzung ist auch OK Ich habe 2 3 deutsch, das restlich Drittel English gelesen.