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From the bestselling author of The Beekeeper s Promise comes a gripping story of three young women faced with impossible choices How will history and their families judge them Paris,With the city occupied by the Nazis, three young seamstresses go about their normal lives as best they can But all three are hiding secrets War scarred Mireille is fighting with the Resistance Claire has been seduced by a German officer and Vivienne s involvement is something she can t reveal to either of them Two generations later, Claire s English granddaughter Harriet arrives in Paris, rootless and adrift, desperate to find a connection with her past Living and working in the same building on the Rue Cardinale, she learns the truth about her grandmother and herself and unravels a family history that is darker and painful than she ever imagined In wartime, the three seamstresses face impossible choices when their secret activities put them in grave danger Brought together by loyalty, threatened by betrayal, can they survive history s darkest era without being torn apart

5 thoughts on “The Dressmaker's Gift (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Fiona Valpy, Anne Flosnik, Justine Eyre, Brilliance Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. MED2512 MED2512 says:

    I was looking forward to this, Fiona s latest novel, and was not disappointed Wonderful storylines threaded together, linking Paris during the Second World War with modern day The characters develop beautifully, and though this could be read as a stand alone book, it was great to read of the story of Mireille, one of the main characters in other novels by this author I loved this and would recommend it to anyone who loves to read a ready well written book.

  2. Jane - aged 57 Jane - aged 57 says:

    Fiona Valpy writes very powerfully about a terrible time in European history The story is about a young woman trying to find out about her mother and her mother s family She finds out that her mother was far from the weak person that she orignially thought she was It shows how friendship really strong friendship can overcome ANYTHING How that belief can keep one going and going and going It is written with great compassion and a true understanding of how war can change how people act towards each other A fantastic read.

  3. Douglas Douglas says:

    Quite the most remarkable book I have ever read The title of the book hides the lives of three very brave and wonderful women fighting secretly within the resistance during WWII The story is harrowing at times but what went on, very many others suffered too The story is emotional, if you don t cry with their pain and also with their courage and love, I would be surprised I have tears for all who had to bear the incredible hardships and inhumanity caused by the power of one man Thank goodness for those brave enough to resist and for the final outcome of the war with Victory over Europe and for Churchill being such an inspirational leader to help save us from a fate worse than death These three women in the story were just three of very many who worked for our freedom that we have today I cannot recommend this book highly as it s worthy of than five stars Congratulations to Fiona Valpy for putting together such an incredibly well written book.

  4. Corinne Corinne says:

    Beautiful, harrowing and unputdownable I literally invested myself 100% in this book the story came alive, I cried, got goosebumps Honestly I can t recommend it enough, the book is one where the characters will stay with me I ve ordered another 2 books by Fiona Valpy She really is a naturally gifted storyteller, weaving history, fact and fiction together in a way that tugs at your heart.

  5. Mrs M R Carter Mrs M R Carter says:

    I really enjoyed the book It filled in the missing gaps from the previous books Read it in a single day as I couldn t put it down.