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Advance copy courtesy of author etc etcAh What a wonderful story, possibly the sweetest instalment so far.Tyler is a hotshot racing driver who gets into an accident on track Alec is the physiotherapist assigned to his rehabilitation And from the first meeting there is something between the men But Ty is Alec s patient and neither one is fully out in public so it s complicated.But man this was such a sweet story start to finish The romance builds up bit by bit and very naturally, there s no big angsty breakup to mix things up instead the pair realise that nobody is perfect and life is too short to let a good thing go byleaving to some very adorable scenes of the boyfriend nature.The racing scenes were nicely wrapped in the main story, never taking over but neither was it ignored.If you re looking for sweet and tender and happy then this is definitely the book and series for you The latest book in the significant brother s series and it doesn t disappoint.In this book we meet Tyler who is a racing driver after a nasty accident he meets physiotherapist Alec The attraction is instant but with both men not quite out can they actually act on it.The book is a sweet romance story that builds over the pages.Once again Ed has done amazing a beautifully wrote romance that keeps you hooked until the last page. This is another delightful addition to what has been a thoroughly enjoyable series from Ed Davies the Significant Brothers.Tyler and Alec were sweet and seriously hot together and I loved how both of them realised fairly quickly from the off that there was something special and than just a one night or afternoon in this case stand and that it was worth the risk of being together.I also loved that Tyler s racing team weren t homophobes but were instead supportive and in the case of the wives and girlfriends central to solving the plot of what had been going on to cause the accident which put him in Alec s physiotherapy studio.This whole series has been enjoyable and I ve not found one couple I disliked in any of the books although I have some I liked better than others and book one with Nico and Deen remains a firm favourite. What I think I enjoy most about this series is how different all the couples and stories are but underneath they are all searching for their happily ever after.Alec and Ty are so cute together, the book itself is gritty and griping and the chemistry between the two MC is hot as hell.Clutch has alot to do with the other brothers than some of the other books but I loved that You can still read as a standalone but I would advise people to read them in order to get to know the whole family.Can t wait for Josh s story to complete the set but this one was another incredible read from ed xx The Significant Brothers are a dream to read Tyler and Alec are no exception They fall into sync so easily and for Tyler coming out in a macho world was so good to read about The love between these guys is absolutely beautiful Can t wait to read Tremble. A good Mills and Moon romance Not much to it, but an easy way to waste your time. As usual Ed brings his lighthearted romantic stories to enchant his readers with new people while blending in the rest of the gang Loved it. Cocky racing driver Tyler Joseph is sidelined after one risk too many After being at the center of a fiery crash, he s forced to rest and recover at his best friend s farmhouse or he ll miss the rest of the season Tyler does what he wants, though, and what he wants right now is the hot, sexy little physical therapist whose hands only touch him where it hurts Alec Lands is a sucker for a pretty face, and Tyler s too much temptation to bear He s promised himself he ll stop dating trouble, but Tyler is flirty, dirty, and stubborn as hell He can t resist, even though it could end both their careers What was supposed to be a one time thing leads to They can t stop No matter how hard they try, they can t shake this chemistry that pulls them together, and the longer it goes, the worse the consequences of discovery Tyler s career and Alec s family are as homophobic as each other, and every risk they take could end them foreverbut Alec wants to keep up with Tyler s fast paced life, and Tyler is tired of leaving men in the dust Can they both resist hitting the brakes on their maybe forever when it turns out that old habits die hard Clutch is a standalone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger Flirty and fun romance between two great guys lay the foundation for this awesome love story I love this authors writing and the amount of heart that is placed in each book Alec and Tyler are both well developed characters and there were so many special connections between these men i loved everything from birthday gifts to coffee and so much.Love the Significant Brothers series and each one just gets better I love seeing all the brother s and their partners get together and support each other They are funny and terrific all at the same time I am looking forward to Josh s story next and looking for it real soon Tyler finally gets his true win Alec comes from out of the blue at one of the worst times of his life Alec is a beautiful man inside and out He is as confident in his career as Tyler He also stands his ground and all this is a combination Tyler can t resist Alec has one goal and that is to get the sexy as sin, stock car driver healed As he gets to know Tyler, his priority is to keep him safe I am and have always been a race fan I come from a racing family I was raised working in the garage with my Dad and watching him race at the tracks in our area The last car we raced and built was for my youngest sister We couldn t have been prouder She did our family and our beloved Fathers legacy proud Though he passed in 2013, we still have that last car Needless to say, this is my favorite story for obvious reasons I HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK AND THIS INCREDIBLE SERIES