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Influencer, rapper and spoken word artist Humble the Poet is here to revolutionise your life and help you reach your full potential Full of insights, wisdom and clarity, Unlearn is a brutally honest, empowering book that defies conventional thinking You will shed the sabotaging habits, fixed mind sets and past regrets that characterise modern life and instead tap in to your best, most authentic self Structured asshort and accessible life lessons covering everything from Money Is a Funny Thing to Love Is a Gift Not a Loan , this is the ideal book to turn to whenever you need a flash of inspiration Profound in its simplicity, Unlearn is the perfect invitation to a new beginning and to pursue a life of fulfilment Okay, i ve been following humble on Twitter and when i saw that his book is coming out i jumped out of happiness and then, when it finally released in India I didnt think twice to order it And i must say, ITS THE BEST I mean like, its such an honest book, straight from the heart I dont think there can be anything better than this Its easy to read, absolutely interesting and fully relatable GO GRAB YOUR COPY NOW And thank me later okay I mean like even the freakin cover of the book feels amazing Its just magical The book covers the learnings and life lessons of the Author and is a humble reminder to take a step back and approach situations with a different lens Whilst not aiming to be a self help book, the book reads as an interesting collection of conversations with someone who has a sensible head and is open to learning.The Author makes no apologies in it s quite raw and simplistic brain dump approach to writing Some may prefer a different style but for me it was a very transparent way to look at the meanings and message of the Author.Despite being an easy ready, you ll want to revisit the book to give yourself to recap and remind yourself of the key principles underpinning it To me that s a sign of a worthwhile book.I ll be buying this a gift to two close friends so testimonial enough that I think people should read this. Wonderful book by Humble It s all common sense spoken in one book Saw me through tough times. Amazing book, although it turned up with black marks all along the side of the pages and warped, wasn t very happy with the condition it arrived in but the actually book is really inspiring