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The detailed research that has correlated and saved a fascinating era I had no idea existed, must have taken hours and hours to research I also had no idea such great distances could be ridden, especially pre war with none of the cycling equipment of today The diet alone deserves consideration, no dieticians, sports drinks, yet miles accumulated on milk, bread and tomatoes alone Easy to read and interesting book Ideal for holiday reading for anyone who has any interest in this most unique of records Almost but not quite made me want to ride every day for a year to see how far I could go This is a very detailed and we ll researched book On the down side it can be quite a dry read However I stuck at it and am glad I did because it is quite informative Not so much about who cycled how far on a certain day although that detail is there but about the picture painted of the social attitudes and behaviours of the times The insights into the characters of the main players was interesting as well Worth reading. I read this from cover to cover in a weekend, couldn t put it down, chores had to wait Meticulously researched and crafted, Dave tells the inspirational tale of those select few ultra endurance riders who have set out to ride further than anyone else in a single calendar year There are only a handful of them, and the benchmark was set at 75,065 miles in 1939 by Tommy Godwin who maintained an astonishing average of 205 miles per day every day that year.As Dave was writing his concluding paragraphs in June 2015, two new attempts were underway, and as I write this at the end of 2016 another rider is averaging almost 230 miles a dayso I m eagerly looking forward to the next edition time to top up that fountain pen again Dave Amazingly, offers me a chance to plug my own book here, so it seems rude not to do that Laid Back Around the World in 180 Days Diary of a long bike rideAll proceeds to charity RoadPeace Fantastically structured book with attempts to beat the milage record flowing like your reading reports on a live race.I couldn t put it down. The Year is the story of some of the enduring athletes of all time, especially Tommy Godwin This story is long overdue and will at last give some recognition of the amazing andpreviously almost unrecognised achievements of this exclusive group Dave Barter has enlightened us all. As an amateur, fair weather, only for fun cyclist, The Year has provided me with a renewed enthusiasm for cycling even if it does make my irregular 8 mile jaunt seem ridiculously inept Although I have no desire to embark on a long distance quest learning about the motivation and drive of history s endurance riders has been inspiring A lesson worth learning for anyone It helps greatly that the author, Dave Barter, writes with some sharp wit and humour making the fact filled tome a surprisingly easy and fascinating read This book really is a must read for those with a keen interest in cycling. InBritish cyclist Tommy Godwin cycled , miles in a single year Think about that for a second it s an average of overmiles each day And it s a mark that still stands after almostyears In The Year, Dave Barter resurrects the legend of the year record a challenge nearly as old as bicycles themselves and the cyclists who pushed themselves to establish and break it Barter uncovers the stories behind these riders who would routinely cycle over a hundred miles a day in the race to set new records Americans such as John H George who recorded overcenturies ,double centuries and three triple centuries in the late s The British advertising executive Harry Long, whose annual tallies of over , miles in the early th century led to the founding of the formal cycling year record and Cycling magazine s Century Competition The Englishman of French descent, Marcel Planes, whoserecord of , miles stood for overyears Not forgetting the legends of the job seeking Arthur Humbles, the one armed vegetarian communist Walter Greaves, the keep fit girl Billie Dovey and the staggering mark set by Godwin who left a youthful Bernard Bennett trailing in his wake Meticulous research through the annuals, archives and news stories of the bicycling world is backed up with insights from the families of these legendary cyclists, as well as Dave s own analysis of the riders years in numbers There is no difficult challenge in cycling The Year is the definitive story of these phenomenal cyclists A really good background on the current year record attempts Entertaining to read and well written the author portrays the characters warts and all He allows you to make your own mind up about the motivation that drove these people to ride incredible distances.All too often I am turned off by authors who go overboard trying to get the reader to understand just how incredible a feat it is that they are describing but that is not the case here Dave Barter puts forward a good account without getting overly sentimental or mawkish.