[ kindle ] The Woman I Was BeforeAuthor Kerry Fisher – Circuitwiringdiagram.co

What if the perfect life you envy was rotten to the coreThree brand new friends Three very different families Way too many secretsGisela, Sally and Kate become close when they move into the same new housing estate But behind their shiny front doors, each has something to hideGisela s Facebook profile is plastered with photos of her high achieving son soproud her teenage daughter bestfriends and her gorgeous husband lovemyhubs She s the envy of everyone she knows, but how long can she keep covering up the truthSally is married to her soul mate or so the champagne glasses glinting in front of another tropical sunset seem to suggest But what will it take for her friends to realise the life she claims to adore is breaking her heartKate is a single mum She uses Facebook to keep an eye on her teenage daughter but claims her own life is too boring to post anything herself But maybe Kate wants to sit below the radar because she doesn t want anyone to look too closely and start asking questions about her past Three lives collide in this gripping story about friendship, motherhood and marriage and the fa ade of perfection people present to the world

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