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Somewhat interesting characters and a decent plot wasn t quite enough to save the unecessarily slow pacing and disappointing HFN It certainly was a.that s it Really moment What s , from the closing pages, it doesn t seem likely that the next book will focus on these guys again, which ultimately for me gave the HFN even less weight I honestly wouldn t be surprised if the next instalment had them in bed with someone else My expectations were so high I felt it unreasonable to give anything less than a three star rating but I can t help but think that this book could have been something very special The writing was well above par, the main ingredients certainly there messed up alphas are my absolute fave And this lot were than a little messed up Hence, I will most likely read the next in the seriesall in the hope these authors will serve up a shiver inducing romance one worthy of the word. Loved it great story telling and a lovely romance as well if you like MM romances with a good story then this a must read and Shatter is just as good. I loved this book Romantic Sexy Moving Funny Lucas is so hot he is scorching Andrei so perfect for him and together wow The back story was addictive too I love a who done it Gotta be one of the best books I have read in an age If you love MM sexy times, a good suspense and a cast of characters you know you are going to love get this book. Having never read anything by this author previously I didn t know what to expect and was I pleasantly surprised.This is very well written story with great characters and story line, I am waitng not too patiently for the second book in this series.Hope its Snow Really brilliant loved it , great start to what should be a fantastic series Love the characters and their adventures together More please Very involved story with great characters and a good ending A good start to a new series of books This is my first read from these authors and I can t wait for book 2 next spring Recommended Great book and loved the storyline characters were great too,can t wait for snows story hope it s early in 2016 xxxx Tbh, I am totally disappointed After reading a couple of the reviews I expected an exciting story with a romance between two tough guys Well, that is absolutely not what I got What I got is a story where the inner musings of the MCs drown out every attempt of the storyline What I got are two MCs falling in love at first sight though they do oscillate between falling in lust and falling in love in them beginning.Lucas and his friends except for Ian are extremely tough guys muscles, rough attitude and power than good for them while trying to hide their hearts of gold well that s not only annoying but also unbelievable They are sensible but won t share their feelings, they are brutal and grumpy and blablabla Honestly, when Lucas was described as bi by himself, but his family friends consider him as gay that doesn t make Lucas likeable Obviously, being a successful business tycoon he can t be gay, so he only dates women, but tells them upfront that he is going to have a sexy man every now and then Wow, that screems coward and douche bag to me.Okay, here a short list of all things I see as flaws in the book MCs mid twenties and end thierties fall in love lust at first sight are breathless, feel an inexplainable pain in their hearts, lose control over their body, can t think etc because the other guy is the epitome of male handsomeness WTF Andrei the bodyguard claims to not drink any alcohol on the job the red wine is served not only 24 hours later and he is driving Yeah, there is nowhere mentioned that they both drink their wines but come on Andrei makes bad decisions on the job because of the overwhelming attraction to Lucas except for his martial arts skills which he doesn t use for 60% of the book, then I stopped reading he seems like the worst bodyguard ever After the third day Andrei muses how he can keep Lucas they didn t even talk than a couple of times, kissed a few times and spend time in hospital than out of it and Lucas wants to keep Andrei forever each kiss is so intense they can t think any what Did I miss sth and they are hormon controlled teenager the wounds and injuries are conveniently absent when needed Lucas gets lots of hugs while having broken rips he can laugh and cough with no problems, too his concussion is mentioned a couple of times but a painkiller in the morning or before bed obviously is enough for this tough guy Andrei got burnt by a fire well, and his hair singed that seems to be the worst injury a little bit of aloe creme and his back and shoulder are quite fine enough to get pushed against a wall, hugged etc Lucas black eye and cut in his face are never mentioned after the first day maybe because of all the other things happening to him Andrei was straight with only the occasional threesome where he enjoyed another guy in his bed along with his girl but meeting Lucas he is so overwhelmed by this male beauty that he instantly lusts for a HEA with him obviously that is a theme, because Ian with his cop and even Snow meet potential HEA interests luckily Rowe is married to a goddess, so we don t have to endure than hearing that whenever he is with Lucas and Snow all the gay guys are hitting on him nonstop despite the author s efforts to describe the MCs and their friends as warm and likeable guys they seem horribly superficial, egoistical and at times unneccessariliy stupidAnd even though I wanted to know why the bad guy was attacking, I couldn t bring myself to read the last 40% finished around 62% So I didn t finish the book Maybe it would have been really good in the end but I don t feel like reading any stupid angst or mooning of Andrei or Lucas They could talk and get to know each other for a change but that might be too easy for these guys.Okay, trying to finish with sth positive I really liked the cover A nice change from the naked upper bodies But for a hollow story like this one the naked torso might have been fitting Them writing style is okay, not many typos. Lucas Vallois is always in control He s building an empire in the glittering city of Cincinnati and created his own family from his three close friends The self made millionaire has everything he wants within his tight grasp But his world starts to crumble after he s jumped by a trio of thugs late one night after leaving a club The warning is clear give up his new property venture or end up dead Caving to the demands of his friends, Lucas accepts the help of bodyguard Andrei Hadeon as he hunts for the source of this new threat But as Lucas gets closer to uncovering the danger, he realizes the sexy Romanian bodyguard poses an even bigger risk to his carefully constructed world Trapped by a need he never expected, Lucas must find a way to deny the shiver of longing he cannot control His brother His warrior His heart Four friends Unbreakable bonds Complex, life weary men with beliefs that appear unchangeable They are family, thrown together by circumstance and a deep love for each other to protect, and share, and care Enter Andrei has always had the love of his blood family and knowledge of who he is sort of, maybe appointed body guard to the imperious, arrogant, intimidating Lucas self made multi millionaire They thought they knew what they wanted and how their lives would end up until they met each other Throw it all out the window and start again They are both intelligent, charming, hot, sexy men and when they get together they literally burn Fire and brimstone in bed and out Its a great first book, and makes me keen to read the others now and learn about the other men in this family.