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The sensational new novel from the million copy best selling author of The Miniaturist and The Muse One winter s afternoon on Hampstead Heath in , Elise Morceau meets Constance Holden and quickly falls under her spell Connie is bold and alluring, a successful writer whose novel is being turned into a major Hollywood film Elise follows Connie to LA, a city of strange dreams and swimming pools and late night gatherings of glamorous people But whilst Connie thrives on the heat and electricity of this new world where everyone is reaching for the stars and no one is telling the truth, Elise finds herself floundering When she overhears a conversation at a party that turns everything on its head, Elise makes an impulsive decision that will change her life forever Three decades later, Rose Simmons is seeking answers about her mother, who disappeared when she was a baby Having learned that the last person to see her was Constance Holden, a reclusive novelist who withdrew from public life at the peak of her fame, Rose is drawn to the door of Connie s imposing house in search of a confession From the million copy best selling author of The Miniaturist and The Muse, this is a luminous, powerful and deeply moving novel about secrets and storytelling, motherhood and friendship, and how we lose and find ourselves

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  1. Mrs S Mrs S says:

    I didn t like this as much as I thought I would For me, the writing was a bit lazy in parts, the dialogue not believable enough, and the story contrived and at the same time oddly predictable No where near as good as the Miniaturist.

  2. MrsW MrsW says:

    Don t understand what the rave reviews were about I found the use of profane language unnecessary and tedious andthe laboured point of women s confused sexuality boring There was no real outcome so felt a bit let down.

  3. Bluecashmere. Bluecashmere. says:

    I am probably amongst the few who came to this novel without having read either The Muse or The Miniaturist I m unsure whether to be alarmed, but recently I have become increasingly drawn to female authors concerned with, in the main, lesbian relationships All three I am sure are very fine writers Donna Tartt, Sarah Waters and now Jessie Burton The Confession is not of the calibre of the best work of the other two, both of whom are consistently accomplished, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book.Negative reviews find that it falls short of one or both of her previous novels and apart from the predictable booooorrrring , find the characterisation and dialogue either unconvincing or flat The three central characters Constance, Elise and her daughter, Rose seem to me to be wholly convincing, albeit inhabiting a somewhat rarefied world Joe and Matt lack real vibrant identities they are closer to stereotypes, but then we never witness the events first hand through their experience More compelling is Elise father, perhaps because, at least geographically, he remains at a distance from events.Shifting in time and generations seems to have become a pattern in a number of modern novels It is not a technique that easily handled One of the great successes of the book is how skilfully Jessie Barnes moves the action back and forth in time, in a way that is natural and indeed becomes essential to the momentum of the novel The characters are not necessarily admirable, or even likeable none of the three has any pretensions to be so In many ways Rose, in particular is tormented by feelings of personal inadequacy She, I think, is the most complex of the trio We see her through a kaleidoscope of moods and situations, so much so that she becomes as bewildering to us as she is to herself Self delusion is surely a key issue in the novel.I look forward to reading the two earlier books, drawn by, if nothing else, by the beauty of so much of the writing.

  4. Iona Iona says:

    I can best do justice to this book by quoting a passage taken from it Back in London I stood on the bus to the coffee shop, swaying side to side reading it I sat on the loo with it I waited for the kettle to boil with it, turning for two days into a one handed woman, whose head and heart had integrated with the heads and hearts of Connie s Jessie s characters.

  5. Ralph Blumenau Ralph Blumenau says:

    There are three main characters in the book Constance Holden, an author Elise Moreau and Elise s daughter Rose.The book alternates between the 1980s and the 2010s The 1980s chapters are about Elise s relationship with Connie, and are written in the third person the 2010s ones are autobiographical told by Rose.It begins abruptly in 1980 with the 20 year old artist model Elise Moreau being picked up on Hampstead Heath by the 36 year old author Constance Holden She moves in with her, and when one of Connie s books is being made into a film in Los Angeles, the two of them go off to America together There the relationship between them, for a number of reasons, breaks down On the rebound, Elise takes up with Matt.Rose had never known her mother, who had left when Rose was less than one year old Her father, Matt, had not answered any of her questions until 2017, when Rose was thirty five years old He then told her that Elise had had a relationship with Connie, and had given his daughter two novels Connie had written thirty years earlier which had made her famous.Rose tracks Connie down and finds that Connie, whose hands are very arthritic, needs an assistant She gets to job under a false name, knows that Connie will not answer direct questions, but hopes that, one way or another, she will learn something about her mother She is frustrated in this for most of the book, but Connie and Rose develop a warm relationship between them.Though it takes until nearly the end of the book before Connie will make her confession, we have already learnt a good deal about the up and down relationship between Connie and Elise That between Elise and Matt does not ultimately work out Nor does the nine year relationship Rose has with her friend Joe Both women finds themselves pregnant, and there is a good deal about the different ways in which they respond to that situation, and we learn why Elise cannot cope with motherhood.Excellent characterization of the three women, and especially of Connie.

  6. hometrainer-tests.de Customer hometrainer-tests.de Customer says:

    Pretty good but no where near as good as The Minaturist.

  7. Gemma - Read A Book Gem Gemma - Read A Book Gem says:

    I loved Jessie Burton s previous books The Miniaturist and The Muse so was eagerly anticipating reading this one While I did enjoy parts of The Confession, I must admit it s my least favourite out of the three books.This was for two reasons Firstly, none of the characters are particularly likeable so I was not invested in any of them.Secondly, the central mystery of the story of what happened to Rose s mother Elise and her connection to Connie was drawn out over 450 pages and the pay off just did not live up to that amount of build up The final chapter is weird too and serves no purpose.On the plus side, Burton s writing is incredibly easy to read and I enjoy her style very much If I didn t have such high expectations after loving her previous books, my opinion may be positive, but when compared to them, sadly this one just doesn t live up to them for me.

  8. Snapdragon Snapdragon says:

    I wanted to fall headlong into this book but couldn t Not quite sure why as it s well written and it s a good story Might be me, not the book It s told in two timeframes the eighties when young Elise gets together with successful writer Connie and the present day when Elise s motherless daughter Rose seeks Connie out, obtaining work as Connie s helper under the pseudonym Laura Brown Rose comes to appreciate Connie and vice versa and her quest to know what became of her mother is separate from their mutual regard Both Elise and Rose are rootless to a degree, lacking a strong sense of self and agency Connie, on the other hand, is very definite, sure of who she is, what she wants, her talent and what she ll do or not do That doesn t mean she s always right and her treatment of Elise as she is enduring post natal depression in New York is not admirable In the sense that things are not black and white this is a great book, and there was a section where the emotional reality of the mother shaped hole in Rose s psyche hit me forcibly Motherhood or the lack of it is a major theme, as is the owning of your own life It s set in England and the States, where Connie s book is being turned into a film It s an intelligent book Maybe another reviewer will pinpoint why the lack of emotional engagement.

  9. Margaret Jaffé Margaret Jaffé says:

    This book is well written It is very disappointing after reading The muse and The miniaturist.Both of these were excellent The plot should have been interesting but the self centred charactersmade it impossible for me to care about them The ending was pathetic.Margaret

  10. Marie Cappart Marie Cappart says:

    Deep,moving, entertaining Will I ever look at the ocean the same way A real pageturner I ll sure read it again

  11. Sharon Plant Sharon Plant says:

    An OK book wasn t what I expected from this writer maybe I am too maternal things just didn t jell for me , interesting but jarred

  12. EmmaK EmmaK says:

    I lost interest in this after thirty pages I bought it because it was recommended by the Guardian and I was very impressed by the cover when it arrived It is stunning But once I started the novel I could not get into it There was a couple in it and the younger woman did not seem to have a personality but was known to be beautiful She was going to follow the other one to LA where her book was going to be made into a movie I don t think people move to another country if their book is being adapted It seemed like some kind of forced plot device Anyway there was meant to be a mystery about the beautiful one s mother disappearing when she was a child, but the premise did not pull me in and I decided to call it a day.