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Children are killing themselves across the state of Tennessee Is it a horrible coincidence, or are dark forces at work When Jack Nightingale learns that there is a mysterious list of children who are at risk, he takes the case, spurred on by the fact that he knows one of the names, and that makes it personal His investigation brings him up against a demon from hell who is being used on a mission of revenge But if Nightingale is to save the children and his own soul, he ll need help from an old adversary

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  1. Nick Brett Nick Brett says:

    Wow, this really does deserve all the 5 star reviews The Nightingale series is an excellent one and this might well be the best book yet.Jack, still working for his sponsor Joshua Wainwright, is called in urgently Wainwright has been given a mysterious list of children who are killing themselves one by one Two names on that list have personal ties to Wainwright and Nightingale Can they save the day before those close to them become victims It dark, very dark so than usual both in subject and in the fact we see and learn about Wainwright and are reminded that, despite his relationship with Nightingale, he walks a distinctly different path.We also have an entity no spoilers whose history and identity is very clever indeed.So much to enjoy in this and certainly no easy or glib answers And that s what I love about this series, a main character who is out of his depth while dealing with the very darkest of creatures.Brilliant stuff.

  2. AnOn. AnOn. says:

    Another great story in the Jack Nightingale series from this author who never fails to deliver a treat for his followers Gripping story line, plausible characters and a number of twists to keep the reader thinking and the pages turning.If allowed to make one criticism, however, I would say that the nature of the seventh cavalry was very predictable as we headed towards the climax, but this does not detract from theoverall enjoyment of the book which I would thoroughly recommend.AnOn

  3. Julie Lacey Julie Lacey says:

    I love this series and I m ashamed to say it took me far too long to get round to it on my tbr pile.It was great to catch up with Jack again and Wainwright was there to start the ball rolling again.In this book, children are seemingly committing suicide and Wainwright has a list of who will be next.On the list is his niece, so he asks Jack to help stop whatever is happening to these children.Things don t go to plan as they re facing a far scarier threat than ever before, and this book had a real nail biting conclusion.I m looking forward to the next book but hope it won t be too long

  4. Pony-Moore Pony-Moore says:

    I was a bit unsure on how this book would work out, I mean the eighth in a series could be flogging a dead horse How wrong could I be Yes familiar characters but so well written they still come across fresh and incredibly interesting and above all believable.As the story unfolds I found myself delving back to see if I had missed anything that could provide a clue as to whether I was on the right track Despite all the clues being there I did miss some.With twists and turns than a snakes wedding I was completely absorbed within it right up to the end.Stephen Leather is a truly exceptional author who I would never play chess or poker with especially with the stakes used in the Nightingale series.

  5. Dave. P Dave. P says:

    Just what I needed, a riveting story by Mr Leather featuring my old favourite Jack Knightingale, another brilliantly written book that had me hooked from page 1.Please I need and soon love these books, I m off for a bit of my other weakness Spider Shepherd Stephen LeatherKeep doing what you do best Thank you.


    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this eighth Jack Nightingale novel by Stephen Leather.As with his previous two USA based books, we are located in a different city, which helpsadd a freshness to the plot.Loved the fact that we get to read about his long time secretive friend Wainwright,who has a chequered past and present.A fresher plot, backed by a centuries old folk story with plenty of devils, make this interesting and fluid.Would highly recommend and, for the newly initiated, check out the earlier novels too.You won t be disappointed Definitely a five star read.

  7. Mr D Whybrow Mr D Whybrow says:

    If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would be reading and enjoying a horror detective novel I would have laughed I have always really enjoyed the other books such and The bombmaker, Tango one and the Spider books but wasn t expecting this to work Excellent series of books especially if you read the series in order The interaction between Nightingale and Proserpine is always entertaining.

  8. howtoclaimbackppi.co Customer howtoclaimbackppi.co Customer says:

    Bought this this morning and read the whole thing nonstopI love these stories , already waiting for the next one

  9. Andrea Monti Andrea Monti says:

    While better than the last one, this book too shows that Mr Leather lost his momentum.I don t spoil the plot that has some interesting twists but the end is fairly amateurish, in a classic deus ex machina escape.Disappointing.

  10. Frank Frank says:

    A great author with a great story I read all the stories of Nightinghale and this one is also very exciting.

  11. kika kika says:

    L ultimo libro della saga di Jack Nightingale Coinvolgente, letto in un giorno Non vedo l ora che arrivi il prossiamo Se non avete mai letto questa collezione di Stephen Leather vi raccomando di iniziare dal primo, non vi deluder