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Alpha Grayson McNally is one of Howling Hills hottest bachelors or at least, he would be if he weren t still grieving for the ex who left him behind five years ago He s learned to hide his loneliness behind smiles and practical jokes, but when a rogue bee sting sends him to the hospital, Grayson wonders if he might not have a second chance at love after allAll Harvey has ever wanted was to become a doctor and it s something he s excelled at, his passion for saving other people rivaled only by the belief that he doesn t deserve a happy ending for himself Leaving Grayson behind to get his education was a no brainer, but even Harvey can t resist the call between them when the one man who never left his heart comes back into his lifeas a patientSparks fly as one chance meeting leads to another, but the discovery that Grayson is Harvey s fated mate leaves him with mixed emotions Harvey loves Grayson but he also loves his careerWill an unexpected pregnancy be the key to tearing down the walls surrounding this omega s heart Knot the Ex is a wolf shifter mpreg romance audio book with a guaranteed happily ever after It is the second audiobook in the new Howling Hills Heat series, where finding your fated mate isn t just a dream it s destiny This audiobook and every other audiobook in this stand alone series can be listened to in any order