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The gripping new novel by Sunday Times number one best seller Victoria Hislop is set against the backdrop of the German occupation of Greece, the subsequent civil war and a military dictatorship, all of which left deep scars Themis is part of a family bitterly divided by politics and, as a young woman, her fury with those who have collaborated with the Nazis drives her to fight for the Communists She is eventually imprisoned on the notorious islands of exile, Makronisos and Trikeri, and has to make a life or death decision She is proud of having fought, but for the rest of her life is haunted by some of her actions Forty years after the end of the civil war, she finally achieves catharsis Victoria Hislop sheds light on the complexity of Greece s traumatic past and weaves it into the dynamic tale of a woman who is both hero and villain, and her lifelong fight for justice

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  1. Peliroja Peliroja says:

    I absolutely loved The Island and have read it than once I liked The Thread and The Return well enough, so decided to splash out on this in hardback on publication day.Well, what a disappointment It has no heart, just reads like a history documentation with a cliched family at the centre and, surprise surprise The family has siblings with opposing opinions.Sounds a bit daft, but the names Ms Hislop has chosen for her characters doesn t help matters And I m speaking as someone who has read loads of spy novels with Russian names without a problem Two siblings, one called Themis and one called Thanasis If you don t know Greek, would you really see one of those names as male and one as female They are just too similar It really jarred I found it all a bit soulless and dull and have had to admit defeat always disappointing when it s an author I ve previously liked.

  2. Tess C Bristol Tess C Bristol says:

    I loved this book and devoured it, I was left bereft when it ended I felt I had lost a friend I am ashamed to say that despite visiting Greece many times and having a number of Greek friends, I was not aware of how hard life had been for everyone.Beautifully written as always, Victoria Hislop sets and amazing scene of Greek family life, the good and the bad I love her books and this did not disappoint Being greedy please don t leave it so long next time.

  3. kmqkatie kmqkatie says:

    An emotional read covering the turmoil of Greece from the 1930s to the present day though the eyes of one family and offspring During the 30s the parallels with the current situation in the U.K are disturbing to say the least Atrocities on both sides of the divide between extreme positions are described in an objective way I felt the first half of the book was almost an historical narrative and only in the second half did the novel really come alive I find Victoria s novels a wonderful, albeit disturbing at times, way to learn about modern history of Greece, Cyprus and Spain I will look forward to her next novel with anticipation and patience.

  4. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    A magnificent saga on so many levels Compelling, intense and apart from being historically informative, Victoria Hislop created an emotional rollercoaster This author is truly gifted Hope she is working on a new project My sincere thanks to the author

  5. Gill T Gill T says:

    After reading this book I realized how little I knew about this time in the history of Greece The peoples lives came alive, and it made you aware of just how much they suffered on all sides of the argument A really good read Also enjoyed seeing Victoria Hislop at David s Bookshop launch in the Spirella Building, Letchworth David s Bookshop is such an asset to readers in the area, we are very lucky to have them and the authors they invite Thank you to Victoria and to the bookshop.

  6. Mrs Valerie L Jones Mrs Valerie L Jones says:

    This was a fabulous book Could not put it down Her best book since The Island Full of information about Greek politics, which I had not fully understood before but written in a way that was not stuffy about a family s struggles Well done Victoria Hislop.

  7. Gillykins Gillykins says:

    This is a period of which I knew nothing I m half way through the book now and both enjoying it and being horrified by its content A must read for anyone wanting to understand modern history.

  8. Stephenson Holt Stephenson Holt says:

    I so wanted to like this novel after enjoying, especially, The Island and The Sunrise by the same author To my horror I nearly ditched the book on reaching forty percent of the way through, on my Kindle Up until then I felt as claustrophobic as the characters who hated each other seemed to be, locked up in a small apartment with the only escape seeming to be the main character visiting a friend to do homework together The story up until then seemed to be that they had different politics as did most of Greece and were continually arguing as was most of Greece I got the fact that Greece was in turmoil and was being represented by the family but, forty percent of a book to get that point across seemed excessive.My wife, who d already read the book, persuaded me to keep going, informing me that a story did actually start, after the point I d reached I found it a hard slog though to get to the end Whereas in the two novels of Victoria Hislop s mentioned above, there was an interesting and dramatic story with some historical facts added to keep the reader s interest, this novel seemed to me to be a history lesson with the small parts of a story added to try and make it less dry Perhaps the author took too much of a bite out of the timeline, researched masses of historical facts and had little space left for a story.The premise is that the lead character, an Athens, Greek grandmother, is visited by grandchildren and offloads her personal history onto them as she has always been seen as just a normal grandmother, but she feels there are things they need to know She then takes up the rest of the novel recounting her story, or recounting the history of Greece if, like me, that is the way you see the book.Strangely, and amazingly, as Themis recounts her story, we sometimes get the story from other people s point of view Which is, of course, impossible.I guess, if you are looking for an understanding of the history of Greece, through occupation, dictatorship and civil war then this would be a good way to learn and the story might not get in the way However, if you have enjoyed, for instance The Sunrise, enjoyed the action of the story, and the fact that you learned something of the history of Cyprus along the way, then this novel would, in my opinion, not be for you.

  9. theresa jane koveos theresa jane koveos says:

    A very moving book which offers an insight into the traumatic history of Greece during the occupation and the civil war of the last century Highly recommended and essential reading for those who love and visit Greece and may not know anything of its history.

  10. Doreen Antifakos Doreen Antifakos says:

    It had a good explanation of Greek history It is an eye opener for anyone who knows nothing about this period in Greece.

  11. margarita lemoni margarita lemoni says:

    very good description of real facts

  12. Mick Hughes Mick Hughes says:

    Another great read

  13. Ringwald Ringwald says:

    C est un livre pour une lecture