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I had been waiting for Oscars book since he appeared as falcon s best friend and I wondered how he was going to grab and keep Roman s attention but the book was completely different to what I thought and I loved it.It s hot and funny and at times so cute I love Oscar and I m so glad he got his HEA even if he had some bumps along the way.Roman is such a playboy but he just wants what he s brothers have and I m so glad he found that in Oscar.completely epic read that I read straight through as I couldn t put it down.5 stars for Mr Davies as always xx Life s a party, and Roman White is determined to have a good time As the youngest captain at his airline, he has to endure a little good natured ribbing, but at least he has the perks of being a pilot constant travel and four gold bars on his shoulder that help him find men in every town When he tries commitment, he always overcommits and scares off boyfriends Why bother settling down Oscar Brooks is at the top of his game As a dancer, he s constantly touring with a prestigious company and stretching himself to attract his directors eye for a leading role Even his frenemy with benefits in the company can t distract him from his goaluntil everything goes wrong in a heartbeat and he has to rebuild his life What is he supposed to do now Roman has a spare room, and Oscar needs a place to stay It seems like a match made in heaven Except the chemistry between them didn t stop after they tried to get it out of their systemand the attraction is only getting worse Even their friends are trying to keep them apart, afraid of what can happen when two free spirits collide Will they break each other s heart, or can they break out of their patterns and chase their dreams together Slick is the third book featuring different members of a friendship group known as the Significant Brothers.Roman is a long haul pilot, finding fun and frolics everywhere he lands Oscar is a dancer who is seldom in the same town for than a few weeks After one night together, that might have been the end of the story, but not long after Oscar gets injured and needs a place to stay, with Roman having a spare room, they start spending time together, there are a few misunderstandings to sort out before they get their happy ending, but it is always guaranteed. Another great read in the Significant Brothers series This time we catch up with Roman and Oscar who keep miscommunicating with each other The two MCs have different work problems impinging on their developing relationship and have to learn to be open with each other I love the way Ed has a real understanding of the everyday difficulties couples can face without overdoing the angst Another winner for me. Another amazing read The different lifestyles of Oscar and Roman makes you wonder if they will ever be able to communicate what that each want The highs and lows of their story keeps you on edge Ed has a way of writing that draws you in and keeps you captivated.An easy 5 stars for me. Totally worth the waitLove the camaraderie of the brother s, Chemistry, the love and fears of what will come from something or nothingBrilliant I really liked this one I ve been waiting for Roman and Oscar s romance since it became clear they were flirting in the earlier books and I wasn t disappointed.There s some angsty but not loads, a wee bit of drama, some gorgeous emotional gestures and plenty of great sex when ended.I liked how they both were tentatively reaching out for in the relationship but didn t know quite how to do it and I liked that there was no dramady for the sake of it.There s also a fair bit of humour in this one and we get a good glimpse at all the already hooked up Significant Brothers from earlier books and a few hints at who s story is coming next. Roman and Oscar do not date but a tragedy will bring them closer together and leave them questioning so much Their awkwardness is adorable, their chemistry is off the charts, and you can definitely feel the connection growing between them There is some angst in this story, difficult decisions to be made, some nasty people causing trouble, a genuine love to explore, and a sweetly satisfying HEA to be found. Another masterpiece by E.Davies..Oscar and Roman do not want firm relationships Both are rarely at home and enjoy their freedom Until the day the Oscar gets hurt and Roman takes him in..Slowly they explore their mutual attraction, overcoming their prejudices and problems Roman has to contend with a dissatisfied work colleague, Oscar with a former lover Together they will find their way to the HEA..Like every book by E David, this one is again characterized by very realistic characters they can cross our way everywhere..The other significant brothers are also back and it s fun to see how they develop If you like a great book with a realistic story, you can not go wrong with Slick. Another awesome book from E Davies I devour his books within hours of purchasing every time and Slick is no exception You fall in love with both Roman and Oscar immediately and are drawn into real life issues including homo phobia in the work place between the two men not so unbelievably off the charts problems I love his books because they are so real to life with their issues and Roman and Oscar have to battle their jobs and dreams within the boundaries of their relationship and make everything work Roman has to pull back his intense desire for a forever love as to not scare Oscar off but in the process leaves Oscar feeling cold The humor between the two of them and the rest of the brothers make up some of the funniest parts in the book especially when alcohol gets involved In the end the boys get their HEA that leaves the reader feeling warm and fuzzy inside I highly recommend this book