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A thoroughly unimpressive retrospective of one guy s skydiving career combined with endless discourses on clouds I kept reading it in hope of getting to the good part Many of the experiences that are aptly described in the book may never be mine, but I learned something from all of them Good coverage of round parachutes My dad used to jump them Exhilarating jumps and good ideas throughout The book says it all, and then some. This book relates the author s skydiving experiences overyears, including his worst mistakes and close calls and the joys experienced in the sport It describes the lure of skydiving, what it was like to jump early sport parachutes and what it is like to jump today It describes the many benefits that skydiving has to offer, and why it brings us back for It explains the unrecognized benefits of skydiving, what it s like jumping through clouds, and what it s like jumping at many of the drop zones in the country The lessons learned are applicable to any level of skydiver