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Roland Wilson is a haunted man A decade since his last successful gallery showing, Roland s life has crumbled Imprisoned by his own mind and taunted daily by painful memories, he finds his only comfort in drinking With a life that has devolved into nothing brighter than variants of gray, he sees little point in his existence when a delivery boy with eyes of inspirational blue shows up at his door Adonis Smith wants something he can t have In his mind, Adonis lives up to his name He s six feet tall and built like a god, but in reality he s just Donny a short, nothing special twink that no one takes seriously in or out of bed Then he meets Roland, a beautiful, yet brash, struggling artist who is consumed by his own shortcomings Donny knows he shouldn t get involved with the handsome and tempestuous man, but the Donny sees of him, the he wants Roland to be hisfor good A mutual inspiration As the feelings between the two men develop into something colorful and vibrant, it seems each has finally found what he needs When Roland enters a spiral of self destruction, it derails his relationship with Donny and sends them both into a tailspin On their own, each man will need to decide if he is strong enough to stand beside the other and face the future together Will they be able to rediscover the best parts of each other before the colors between them fade for good The Colors Between Us addresses what it s like to live with depression and may be triggering for some listeners

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  1. Sue bowdley Sue bowdley says:

    I ve not read many books dealing with depressionRoland broke my heart multiple times.I just wanted to hug him tight all the time.Donny was just the right kind of pushyTaking what he wanted but what Roland needed to give..They really are a good match.I love books where the smaller of the two is the dominant oneDonny s dominance was amazing..Jut shows you can t judge a book by it s cover..Meeting Gabriel and Joel again I will say here that I asked to know of Gabriel and Joel until I was told that they were from His Kind Of LoveWhich I loved.Roland is trying to live his life but it s not easy for him and it s hard to see how he struggles but he ended up doing the right thing for himself and for DonnyHe got his painting back.Donny really helped him but he also helped himselfThis author is becoming a firm favourite of mine and i ll look forward to x

  2. Mrs N Mrs N says:

    Tempestuous and volatile, unpredictable and self deprecating.Roland has all of the above traits and He is a tempremental artist that lives in his head constantly, and has to battle with his self worth.Unable to paint any, he has become a recluse and needs drink to help him through the day.Not recognising his need for help has left him at the mercy of his depressive thoughts.His life has become very dark , everyone and everything surrounded by shades of grey.At his lowest Roland answers his front door, and a burst of blue enters his lifeAdonis Donny , arrives at Roland s door to deliver him yet supplies.He is suprised at the man that answers the door,he is possibly the most beautiful man that Donny has ever seen.He may be only small but Donny is strong and possessive in all the ways needed.He needs a way in with Roland, and a chance encounter with his cat helps with that.When they get together it s fireworks, it s all hot, angry sex.Unable to communicate openly they use sex to express their feelings ofanger, frustration, and sorrow.Roland feels unworthy of Donny and does not want to drag him down into his darkness.Donny tries his best to make him realise what a great artist Roland is,but he is struggling with the unpredictable moods, and temper.Will Donny manage to help Roland realise his self worth Will Roland s abandonment issues color his judgment of Donny Is a relationship even possible on such unstable grounds l need to say how much l enjoyed reading this story,the author gives so much depth to the storyline and each characterthat l feel like l know them personally.Such beautiful writing , so much emotion, it will capture your heart for sure.A rare and very touching book.l am looking forward to reading so much from this author.

  3. Meph666 Meph666 says:

    Just wow Roland is such a heart wrenching character to read As someone suffering from depression and a functioning alcoholic, it s hard to read at points but it s so very worth it Kate writes the struggles that he goes through extremely well He s frustrating yet lovable, artistic yet destructive.Donny is a tiny dude with the character of someone twice his size Not afraid to stand up to someone and top the hell out of a guy, he comes across as a hard nut but he s got such a soft, caring centre it s adorable.The way both men are written, along with the setting that the story is in, makes it all very easy to imagine and fall into the world Kate is brilliant at bringing the emotions of both characters out and making you feel them fully along with them.We get to hear from the characters from her previous book, His Kind of Love Gabriel, Joel and Athena, Donny s sister They give love and support to Donny but also to Roland which is lovely to read especially when it s so needed by someone with depression.Not far behind our MC s, my favourite is Pete He is so completely adorable and truly falls in love with Roland even before Donny It s a good way for Roland to learn responsibility at such an important time and show Donny he s serious.I cannot recommend this book enough and hope there is a follow up novella in the future for the characters from both books I received an arc and am happily giving a review

  4. Ruth Ruth says:

    When reading the book about Gabriel and Joel Donny is introduced and by the end of the book the reader wants to hear the ending for Adonis This book gives the reader that and it s a captivating story It s hard to not fall in love with Roland from the start broken and struggling as he is Adonis is a beautiful character that needed a happy ending.What I love about this book is the strength in the characters Ronald makes attempts to fix himself and find his happy.The subjects are handled with sensitivity and thought which ends up with a beautiful well written book with characters the reader can get lost in.I would definitely suggest you start with Gabriel and Joel s book and then read this it will all just make sense I definitely would recommend this book.

  5. Shelly Shelly says:

    I was instantly intrigued by this book as I remembered Donny from the previous book and I ve wanted him to get his HEA since I wasn t sure at first if I liked Donny or Roland for that matter, their relationship started off quickly and grew aggressively passionate instantly I did grow to like both main characters though and they grew in depth and personality throughout the book I think the author did a good job with the description of Roland s depression It was an intensely emotional story but I enjoyed it and was glad that Donny and Roland were able to fine their HEA in the end.

  6. SuziQ SuziQ says:

    This is not a pretty book It covers the hard subjects of depression and alcoholism yet is is an inspiration book Someone somewhere knows what she is talking about The storyline is authentic Trust me.

  7. julie taylor julie taylor says:

    Loved it so much I m going to start the first in the collection which I didn t know about A moving and beautiful HEA well worth the read

  8. Jeanie Giles Jeanie Giles says:

    Issues surrounding mental health are ofter wide reaching and impact every one in the wake of it Enter Roland a brilliant painter living with but refusing to acknowledge his circular downward spiral with depression Enter Donny a man twink who has a strong sense of self, and a strong attraction to Roland And its all about the timing Sometimes it just takes the right combination of persons and the right timing for the world to right itself Meet Roland and Donny as they navigate the pitfalls and pain of depression I love Donny, his sense of self is really needed in this story, and I love that he doesn t ever enable Roland and has strong boundaries At times I wanted to kick Roland in the nether regions, but such is the nature of dealing mental health Enjoyable book.