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Brice Life hasn t always been easy for Brice With his own mother abandoning him when he was a teenager and his father having a dangerous job, life has been lonely That is, until his father decides he needs a bodyguard he doesn t want So why does he find himself noticing how attractive the broody bodyguard is And why does he want him to stay, after all Carter Staying out of sight is Carter s specialty It s something he learned while in the military and something he put into play while being on the run Staying in one spot for too long isn t something that sets well with the surly man Initially, keeping an eye on the young man isn t exactly what Carter wants to do, but now something isn t letting him leave Personalities clash and tempers rise with these two men, making every day they re together challenging than the last As the days pass, secrets are revealed as their feelings for each other grow stronger But when one man s past comes back to haunt him, each man will stop at nothing to protect the other Promise to Shield is the second book of the Personal Protectors series It is intended for a mature audience with adult situations and language Promise to Shield also mentions cutting and past abuse

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  1. Rowan Rowan says:

    This is a superb set of books and book 2 keeps it going Larry who we met in the first book hires Carter to protect his son Brice, but there s someone from Carters past looking to kill Carter and Brice is stuck 8n the middle It s a great read so don t miss out

  2. Meph666 Meph666 says:

    A fantastic follow up to Vow of Protection We are following Carter who helped out in book one as he is hired as personal protection for Brice Brice s father works for the FBI and is currently undercover and his fears for his son lead to him to ask for Carter s help After spending a year with the young man, neither has much fondness for the other until tensions build enough between the two to come to blows What follows for both is attraction, denial and a yearning for the other that is very hard to ignore Unfortunately Carter s past catches up to them before things can progress with the help of someone they know.I am really enjoying this series so far Brittany is giving us some brilliant characters with depth to them along with a great relationship with each other The story has energy, tension and a huge dose of attraction that brings both men together in their times of need In the situation that they find themselves in, it s hard not to become close to those around you, though they get a lot closer than most Everything evolves naturally between the two with hesitance, reticence from Carter The pacing of the story works really well with the story line being helped along with a dose of drama and action along the way.Brittany has built a really interesting world for these characters and I cannot wait for book three This can be read as a stand alone.I received an ARC and am happily giving a review.

  3. Modwena Farrell Modwena Farrell says:

    This is book 2 of the Personal Protectors series and while it can be read as a standalone I would definitely recommend reading book 1 first At the end of book one Carter gets a new job protecting the son of Larry, the undercover FBI agent The trouble is that Larry s son, Bryce is an adult and does not want a babysitter Carter still communicates in grunts and Bryce takes great entertainment in trying to wind him up One evening passions boil over and they sleep together, strictly a one time thing of course Then, Carter s past begins to catch up with him, putting Bryce in danger We also catch up with some familiar faces from book 1 which I loved As in the last book, there were plenty of twists along the way I devoured this book in a single sitting and I m so excited for the rest of the series.

  4. Headinabook Headinabook says:

    This is book 2 in a great series with fantastic characters, I got intrigued by Carter from vow of protection, he was strong and silent but seemed to carry lots of worries so was very closed off to many people around him This book explains why and how it catches up to him with help from the past.I loved this book it is such a good addition to the series with plenty of action, all the twists and turns, and the degree of attraction between the main characters in this book is on a par with that of the first one We even have appearances from a few characters from that first book so it in my opinion would be good to read that book before reading this but it s not necessary I would recommend this book.

  5. Nunu Nunu says:

    I read book 1 and thought that some bodyguards should get another job Came back for a second round and read to the end but spent most of the time waiting for something to happen Through both books the characters seem to lack depth Jillian just left me wondering what it was all about and it would have been better not to have brought her back in at all I also do get irritated when the wrong character name is used as it is confusing reading I think the next book will be Daddy s book and a code Black.

  6. Sasco Sasco says:

    What a story Carter is such a surly guy but slowly Brice got under his skin Carter couldn t help but fall for Brice but his job was to protect him That was what he was going to do at any cost Kept the mystery going until the end.Recommend reading series.

  7. Helennnlouise18 Helennnlouise18 says:

    I absolutely loved the first book in this series and I m so glad Carter is back However, this book didn t have the same impact as book one but I still read it all in one to and couldn t put it down I can t wait for book three and hope it s the pairing I think it ll be

  8. Jackie Thorogood Jackie Thorogood says:

    I m loving this series a lot, This book we meet Brice who doesn t really like Carter his bodyguard, all his grunting and bossy ways don t sit well with Brice, We meet characters from the first book as well, this has so many feels forme, definitely one to be read again.

  9. R Keebler R Keebler says:

    Carter is hiding from his past when he is tasked with watching over his friends son Brice He isn t really happy with the situation but eventually comes to care for Brice After Brice accepts the fact that he has the grumpy, sexy man as a bodyguard he starts to warm up to him When Brice is taken as as a way to get to Carter, both men have to be strong to survive a crazy man and his twisted revenge.Even though I liked Carter from the previous book it took a while to really warm up to his story Carter was overbearing and Brice was a brat When they started opening up to each other the story improved Brice was overloaded with snark and Carter gave it right back to him Their sweet moments were really nice I m looking forward to Larry s story.

  10. Phaedra Burkhalter Phaedra Burkhalter says:

    What a GREAT addition the Brittany s protector series We met Carter is the previous book and when we did I couldn t wait to hear Carters story This book can be read as a stand alone but I recommend reading the 1st book because it s great and you will know who the characters are Carter is hired to be the bodyguard of Brice by his father because of potential enemies These two bicker and argue but you know it s sexual tension Carters feelings for Brice come front and center when someone from Carters past poses a threat Yummy sexy times, action, betrayal all in one book I received an arc for my honest review Loved Elliot sassiness and the exciting twist as well.

  11. z55z.co Customer z55z.co Customer says:

    Aww this was such a sweet story At first I didn t like Carter because of his rude ways but he grew on me Love it Can t wait to see Larry and Elliot s story.

  12. Christy Reed Christy Reed says:

    So good loved Carter and Bruce story Made me laugh and cry Brittany did another great job Excited for the next book

  13. Rusty V. Rusty V. says:

    I enjoyed this book as much as book 1 I can t wait for Book 3 to come out Definitely an author to read.