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Another fabulous read from kitty Neale Sarah has been looking after her brother Tommy since he wasBorn it was hard at times but she never regretted it.this book has love laughter sadness and grief i was hooked from the first page 5 STARS. Heartbreaking story of Sarah and Tommy Jepson brother and sister brought up by their gin drinking mother Sarah at the age of eighteen is turned out by her mother with tommy with her Fighting for survival both these children get to know a lot of friends who keep an eye on them in Battersea London I loved this book from the moment I picked it up lovely story that will touch you well worth five stars Wow what a great read by kitty brake but nothing surprises me with this great author i would recommend this book to everyone who likes a good novel to read for bedtime.This book deserves 5 Stars and I can t wait for her next novel and hope it won t be to long. I loved this book Sarah and Tommy had such a bad start in life with a alcoholic mother who sold her body to buy alcohol.Sarah had a terrible tradegy in her life I m so glad she managed to find happiness in the end Well done Kitty what a great story, loved every page and could not put it down, looking forward to reading your other books Maybe TV should take up your stories for a Soapie,no swearing drugs and violence. After reading all kitty s books again she as written another brilliant story loved it the characters and creates become real as if You know them I love you Kitty Neale hope you never stop writing Good story The story of Sarah and how she became a mother to her baby brother when her mother told her to drown him at birth She looked after him until he died with whooping coughShe met George on the market who was a lovely man but disfigured due to a fire burning his face Falling for looks only she fell for Roger,who was a right Casanova and caught him in bed with her friend Mo.After several events she realised she loved George and they hired a shop together and got married.A great read. It s Sarah and her brother against the world When Sarah Jepson s mother Annie dies, Sarah is left with her little brother Tommy to care for Alone in the world, the two of them must make a life for themselves in the wake of the terrible upbringing they have endured But when Tommy is struck down by illness, Sarah s new life collapses Lost in grief, she turns to the handsome Roger to save her only to find that he is not who he seems Waiting in the wings is George kind but brutally scarred, and Sarah s never seen him as anything than a friend But could all that be about to change The Sunday Times best seller is back in a heartbreaking, moving tale of triumph against all the odds