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great story Although this was a short read, you could quickly identify with the feelings and desires of both the main characters and why they were drawn to each other I really enjoyed the first three quarters of the book It was a combination of sweet and sensitive and erotic very difficult to pull off Here it was entirely successful and made for a thoroughly captivating read However, the last part, with its pseudo medical and male pregnancy elements just didn t seem to fit But, thankfully, it finished with a sweet HEA Aurora is a world worth exploring.I received a complementary copy of this book and chose to write a review. I don t often write reviews and even rare for me is not finishing a book, I may force myself to finish in the future but right now I am quite irritated by the first 40%.What attracted me to this book was a story of a man who fights against a culture of discrimination against omegas and forges a life for himself helping other omegas who have been abused and neglected I was intrigued by Owens past which left him injured internally and was looking forward to a tender and lovingyet determined alpha to gently persuade Owen that not all alphas were bad people I was also looking forward to seeing how this alpha would take down the mental walls that Owen claims to have But after a fancy dinner he sends owen a collar Just packaged and demanding his audience at a kink baris that not presumptuous, but Owen is ok with it Rather than the natural conflict Owen should have when he s been burned by past experiences, he goes and after a sexy dance is behaving like a desperate sex deprived teenager Where is the fear that has supposedly caused his ill health This author hints at past hurts, Owen mentions he shouldn t trust crawford, but then melts into his arms However this isn t good enough for the alpha as he backs off and orders his pet to go home and not touch himself So this guy leads him on and brings him close to exploding so he can back right off and tell him to go homeand Owen likes it Wants to be good and thinks the alpha is his champion But the end for me was the cock cage which he s sent and ordered to wear for six daysthey ve only been to dinner and a dance This alpha keeps saying it s your choice but supposedly Owen is a strong omega who councils others on how to protect themselves yet he follows orders like a puppy..it s awful and rather pathetic It should have been natural for inner conflict within Owen and for him to show the strength that crawford claims to respect, yet the alpha demands his obedience after 2 dates.This author tries to show a strong omega living his life despite circumstances and even crawford mentions this and likes it in the beginningWithin pages this is torn down by an arrogant alpha who simply wants a pet to obey I really wanted to see the relationship development but this start ruined that for me, and took my curiosity of Owens injury from being enough of a reason to continue reading This is a great read Thought provoking and engaging The characters are well written and detailed The plot is a mixture of multiple genres which I enjoyed.Owen is an Omega Working as a councillor helping subjected omegas recover there independence and self.Crawford is the benefactor of the rehabilitation centre Owen works at When they meet one day Crawford is floored Never has an Omega called to his Alpha so intensely He has to know him And so the wooing starts.There are twists and turns Heat and passion I enjoyed this book and recommend it.I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book In the dim lights of Aurora s premier kink club waits an alpha eager to take control Billionaire Crawford Daniels has bedded submissives before, but he s never given one his collar That privilege is reserved for the man who s strong willed enough to tell him no, but whose pretty lips always say yes Crawford wants than a pet he wants a partner Someone to pamper and spoil or punish Hidden behind case reports and paperwork waits an omega afraid to give it all up Owen Ellis has fought tooth and nail to rise above his omega status and find success He s educated, successful, and independent, but deep inside, he knows something is missing A mistake during his teenage years has led to a lifetime of loneliness, and Owen refuses to surrender his heart again He s afraid to be hurt He ll never let another alpha in But some rules are meant to be broken When Owen meets Crawford and sparks fly, Owen has to decide if happiness is worth the risk The choice is always his He can walk away and embrace loneliness or he can wear Crawford s collar and obey Obey, the first audiobook in His Command series, contains scenes so steamy, your screens will fog one of the hottest uses for an ice cube ever an introduction to a club you ll never want to leave, and a happily ever after that proves in the end, love really does win