Master by Fate: A Puppy Play Romance The Accidental Master, Book 3 (Audio Download): M.A. Innes, Kenneth Obi, M.A. Innes: Audible Audiobooks –

This is a review of the third book in this series, but really a review of the entire series The first book in this series was the first book involving puppy play that I ever read Even though it s not really my thing, the blurb of the first book sold me on the story After reading it and loving it I couldn t wait for the sequel The author created amazing and entertaining characters while at the same time managing to write about and explain the dynamics involved in the puppy play for these characters Some of the events in the book broke my heart The second book showed a lot of progress in the relationship while the third one focused just a bit on personal development I loved the entire series and am very sad that this is the end The author posted on facebook that there might be a short story and if there is I hope it wraps up some of the storylines introduced in the third book relating to Melissa That s really my only criticism of book three A few minor plot points were created involving a secondary character that went nowhere and I just don t understand why the author would do that in the third and final book of a trilogy So, I m hoping for another short story to bring these plot lines to a happy end and then I guess I will have to say farewell to these characters with a sad heart sad because I hate to see the last of them, but happy for reading and learning about them There will definitely be multiple re reads of this series in the future Very highly recommended, even if puppy play may not be your thing I think I may never read another book about the subject because this seems like the definitive treatment of the subject In other words, the author spoiled me for all other novels involving puppy play, because I don t think any can live up to this series. This is a wonderful end to the series about Cooper, Sawyer and Jackson The three men are now living together and the little anecdotes about them trying to do chores, shopping and spending time as a family are just so sweet and at times totally hot I will really miss these three men Sex and pancakesSex and pancakesOh Cooper, you adorable boy.There are some characters that stay with you for a long time,and for me it s Cooper With the biggest, most genuine and loving heartmy energiser puppy has stolen my heart.Solid, sensible and loving Sawyer is a perfect match for Cooper,he grounds him, and has always provided stability for him.The two boys have found the master of their hearts, Jackson isvery attentive to his pups needs , and together they have a loving family.In this final book their lives continue to evolve and grow,and their relationships with each other and the whole Jackson family strengthen.A very enjoyable book of master and subs.Another beautifully written book. This is the perfect end to the seriesWe are back with Cooper, Sawyer and Jackson and oh boy are they all perfect togetherI just love how Cooper is so bouncy and energeticHe really is perfect for his master and Sawyer.Sawyer balances them out with his gentle way and Jackson is just the perfect master..I love Jacksons family too.A really perfect series that I will definitely be re reading x I have read several books by this author as well as Shaw Montgomery and I know that I ll be rereading them far into the future I never thought I d enjoy M M romance, being a heterosexual woman But I can understand the excitement and romance that a person feels towards a man and it s arousing no matter who else finds it so.This author s books are full of wonderful characters in loving relationships that happen to have some kink to them Whether it s puppy play, age play, ABDL, DDlb, D no matter what you call it, the storytelling is perfect I find the writing style to support the personalities of the characters I can particularly feel the characters that are excitable I find myself loving their exuberance The writing as well as the editing is perfect and I am buying as much from this author as possible I m so happy to have found these stories Enjoy When I started this series I wasn t convinced I would like it Puppy play Men on their hands and knees playing as if they were dogs But I loved Shaw Montgomery s work so I gave it a chance So, so glad I did These three books were great This one is especially poignant and sweet Sawyer and Cooper are perfect together and their master Jackson, is their perfect foile Cooper is exuberant and playful Sawyer is the worrywart who needs his puppy time to decompress and just be The story behind these three in this novel is their cementing of their relationship, satisfying business events for Sawyer and the Cooper s settling into the triad, if I may use that term I adore these three guys together So good Going from exchanging emails to moving in together happened in the blink of an eye, but Jackson wouldn t have wanted it any other way Getting to know the quirks and needs of each of his boys has been fascinating and endlessly amusing With Sawyer s quiet desire and Cooper s erotic fantasies, Jackson knows they were meant to be his Sawyer and Cooper know than anyone that life can change in a second, but every moment they spend with Jackson makes them confident they d met Master Right They d finally found the man who made their family complete When a family grows from two to three, there s bound to be a learning curve, but it s how they handle those bumps and turns that matter most Facing the challenges together, their love can overcome anything Story contains m m m sexual content, BDSM elements, and puppy play The sweet, sexy and heartfelt relationship between Jackson, Sawyer and Cooper is continnued in this third but hopefully not truely final instalment of this wonderful Master puppies story.I loved seeing how all the guys grew as persons and as lovers, both in their work lives, their personal lives, and in their relationships with each other I especially think that Sawyer has grown so much I love how he seems so much peaceful and secure now Also loved the last chapter, which was told from Sawyer s POW.Like the previous books, this books alternates between all three guys POW, and our guys have such distictive voices that I immediately knew who s head we were in at any given time.This had been such a wonderful ride and I wish it didn t have to end, but I m hoping for some kind of revisit with our lovely men, in any form or shape. I love this series Can not get enough of Jackson, Cooper, and Sawyer This is my first foray into puppy play and I loved it.However, I would read this series in order to get the maximum enjoyment out of reading the 3rd book I hope books in the future I have to say that I love the way M.A Innes writes, her sentence structure, word usage and of course, her imagination I have read her other books and enjoyed them as well She is an auto buy for me I would recommend her books to anyone wanting a good entertaining book. I loved the whole series, but definietly the first one was the best.Cooper is the best and he is in the middle in every book I love Shaw s writing, its always full with love, some erotica and some lovely kink Puppy play is one of my favorite, and this series is a must read category