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The heart always knows Lando My muse is gone, and I haven t written a word of music in than a year Every time I close my eyes, all I can see is Dawson Nine years ago, just before Downward Spiral s first major tour, I met my soul mate, and then I walked away Now that I ve finally tracked him down again, things have changed I ll have to make him fall for me all over again But is it possible I put our single weekend together on a pedestal, or could Dawson really be the one Dawson A traumatic brain injury nine years ago left me deaf and with spotty memory of the firstyears of my life When one of the biggest rock stars in the world shows up and seems to know me, I m not sure what to believe Is it possible he s telling the truth when he says he s been in love with me for nine years, even if I can t remember ever meeting him Play It by Ear is the second audiobook in the Replay series Each audiobook in the series will focus on a different band member getting a second chance at love Each audiobook can be listened to as a stand alone

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  1. Modwena Farrell Modwena Farrell says:

    This is an incredibly sweet book Lando has been pining for the love that walked away from him 9 years ago 9 years ago, Dawson has a terrible accident that leaves him with a brain injury, memory loss and no hearing He can t explain his obsession with a band whose music he doesn t remember and in particular with their bass player.Lando makes a trip to see if he can find his lost love and when he finds him, Dawson doesn t even remember meeting the star.What I found so endearing was Lando s absolute acceptance of Dawson as he is today Finding out that Dawson is deaf changes nothing for him, he just starts to learn ASL.Throughout the book, Lando keeps up a silent support and encouragement of Dawson, drawing him out of his shell and reminding him of the man he was He does this though without trying to change who he is now and this is is probably his most endearing quality for me It allows Dawson to start reclaiming himself and take some risks I loved watching Dawson grow in confidence and seeing these two beautiful men find happiness in each other was totally heartwarming.If you have never read one of K.M.Neuhold s books, then I highly recommend you pick up any of her books

  2. Cadiva Cadiva says:

    I know there s only two out so far but this one is absolutely my favourite one yet It has way less of the angst than the first book but it still has enough tensions to stop it from being a one dimensional read.Lando has been pining for a guy he met over a heady weekend in Miami nearly a decade ago After the events of book one this could be read as a standalone however as there is enough catch up as to the situation he decides to head back to Florida and the same beachfront house he rented to see if it will help his writer s block.Fate, of course, lands his lost love back in his lap but there s been a big change and Dawson is now deaf and has no memory of the weekend he spent with Lando, a horrific car accident at the end of that weekend while on his way home has robbed him of both his hearing and parts of his life.As these two vulnerable men get to know each other all over again, the narrative is carefully woven through present and past scenes to give the reader the glimpse into the long lost weekend which changed both their lives so dramatically.While on the surface it may seem like Dawson is the vulnerable of the two men, his deafness and fears he may have memory lapses are a strong presence in the plot, Lando is actually the one who is on the edge as he s terrified of losing the man he s never stopped loving.The pacing of this book is very good, it never dips or drops off but tootles along in a gently comforting fashion as Dawson begins to see himself and his missing memories through Lando s lense of love.I adored both these characters and, as this book is happening concurrently with the others in the series, we get to see glimpses into what the other members of Downward Spiral are up to including back to Lincoln s traumas in book one.I m seriously stoked for what s going to happen in Jude s story and I m still intrigued as to where Benji s is going to go and I loved the little drop in of tattoo artist Royal from this author s Heathen s Ink series

  3. earlyn earlyn says:

    What an addicting love story Landowners and Dawson met nine years ago.They had the perfect weekend and their connection was undeniable Unfortunately Dawson got in an accident and lost his memory.Nine years later they meet again Even though Dawson could not remember there was something familiar about Lando.This was a sweet romance that makes you believe in second chances.

  4. Shelly Shelly says:

    This was a great book This series is shaping up to be a really easy read Lando and Dawson were great characters, the story was well paced and well written Similar set up to the first book but otherwise fairly unique Looking forward to book three.

  5. Love my fantasy. Love my fantasy. says:

    Just as good as book 1 Lando never got over Dawson and never understood why Dawson didn t contact him as promised.Fate brings them together again for a second chance.Such a sweet, romantic book.

  6. Laura Drewett Laura Drewett says:

    Love this new series I absolutely loved the first book in this series face the music so I was really worried that this one wouldn t live up to my expectations, but not only did it do that it also surpassed them I adored the guys in this book and know it will be a book i re read many time.

  7. Michelle H. Michelle H. says:

    Totally loved this book but it lost one because I felt that the ending was rushed, would have liken a little bit so I m hoping their story will continue in future books.

  8. aa aa says:

    Another good read from KM Neuhold and a great addition to this series.I loved Lando and Dawsons story it was sweet with very little angst.The reason I only gave 4 was because I thought the end was a little rushed.

  9. Liash Liash says:

    This was an amazing read Not really a second chance romance, this was of a story about soul mates who met, fell hard and fast, and then had a horrible accident tear them apart for 9 years But fate isn t finished with them yet and a chance meeting puts them back in each other s world.Dawson has been struggling for 9 years from the accident that left him deaf, with hazy memories of the years before the accident, but absolutely zero recollection of the weekend right before it occurred And no one seems to be able to fill in those blanks and tell him what he was doing, where he was or who he was with Once a passionate writer, words now escape him What he does have is his strange obsession with one of the members of Downward Spiral Lando A man who features in his dreams in ways that almost seem real.Lando is lost the band is falling apart and he can no longer find any words to write His muse is long gone What was an amazing weekend, where he was sure he felt a soul connection and that the feeling was mutual, now haunts him Taunted with the one that got away with the man who never called despite promising to Lando decides to make the most of his break and head to Florida for some inspiration, and maybe to hunt down his muse He didn t expect to actually find Dawson, but his immediate feelings of hope are dashed when Dawson doesn t recognise Lando except as the famous artist he is There is still a connection and chemistry between them, and as they spend time together Lando can t help but fall for the man Dawson is now Can Lando convince Dawson that this is tham a holiday fling The navigation of their new relationship was beautiful to read, as were the flashbacks to when they met those fateful 9 years earlier Lando is such a beautiful soul which I did not expect from a rock star He is constantly putting everyone else s happiness and feelings above his own, which has led to the feelings of resentment he has towards his fellow band members I loved watching him become self assured, and find himself with Dawson as inspiration Watching Dawson trust not only someone new, but also himself, made for a beautiful read too These men are amazing together and I m very keen to see how their journey progresses in the future.Loving this series and can t wait to read about the rest of the band A definite recommend from me

  10. Customer Customer says:

    I m in love with the guys of Downward Spiral, so far anyway This story was less angst riddled and dark compared to that of Lincoln And having a deaf member of my family, who also adored music and writing before their loss of hearing also by auto accident I was engaged AF in this story My family member also could have had an operation to partially restore hearing but opted not to when after so many years of silence would be barraged with sounds they couldn t escape and life would thus be chaotic and confusing for them especially at night, during sleep But I secretly hope Dawson has the operation if for no other reason than to hear Lando s love songs for him I wanted of their story given what was left hanging and I wanted to see some of what germinates from Dawson s writing I could easily see him becoming a contributor to Downward Spiral s song writing team with Lincoln and of course, Lando if not the next gay Stephen King

  11. R Keebler R Keebler says:

    Welcome to the continuing story of Downward Spiral Lando, burnt out, no longer able to write songs Desperate for a break, away from the endless touring Needing to be away from his bandmates Lincoln who tried accidentally this time to kill himself, and Jude who is drugged up all the time.He decides to go to Florida, where almost a decade ago he spent a weekend with a man he hasn t been able to get out of his mind Knowing that the man obviously hadn t wanted him after that weekend He still thought he might find the peace he needs there.Dawson lost his hearing and parts of his past in an automobile accident He memory a series of blanks that he can t piece together He knows he misses writing and music Obsessive about keeping track of what he does everyday He won t lose time again.When Lando accidentally finds Dawson he is devastated that Dawson doesn t remember him When he learns what happened he decides that even though he lost him once it won t happen again.I liked that even though Lando seemed like the strong one in the first book he was just as fragile as Lincoln I enjoy this authors ability to take a wounded character and make them so much stronger by giving them someone to take care of and love Definitely read the books in order.

  12. Stacy Mitchell Stacy Mitchell says:

    You know you re reading an amazing book when you see you re at 80% and get depressed Lando, the bass player for Downward Spiral, is introduced in Lincoln and Jace s book, Face The Music, the first book in the Replay series Which is a fantastic book btw You feel Lando s sorrow like a living thing, but until you meet Dawson, you never really understand the depth of his loss and sorrow.Dawson is one of those characters who will grab hold of your heart and, I can honestly say, won t let go of it until the end of this series And Lando s right ther behind him.I thought nothing could top the first book, but I was happily wrong I also have to give props to Kyleen for the book Dawson reads and the tattoo artist Lando uses

  13. Ana Nimity Ana Nimity says:

    What are the odds of a meeting like this happening What are the odds of a reunion like this happening Slim to none, but K.M Neuhold s way with words and three dimensional characters made me willing to suspend disbelief and just take the ride with Lando and Dawson.It s the second in the Replay series, which seems to be happening pretty much concurrently with the first, following the travails of the band Downward Spiral, a prescient name if there ever was one If you enjoyed the first book, you should love the second And if you haven t read the first one, Face the Music, then start there The third one s out, too, and boy, is it hot Good stuff by the author of the popular Heathens Ink series.