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Since its inception in , the rugby union World Cup has gone from being a cheerful, amateurish kick about to one of the world s premier sporting events, third only to the football World Cup and the Olympics in terms of global reach Along the way it has mirrored the sport s occasionally painful march into the professional era, with commensurate advances in the standard of play but also, some would argue, a loss of innocence as the marketing men have moved in on an increasingly lucrative property But the competition is still mostly about the game itself And Real Men Drink Aftershave is the real tale of the rugby World Cups the players stories the funny, the irreverent, the real, and the fascinating tale of the history of the competition from the perspective of those who took part From the players who got drunk all the way through theWorld Cup to the high level training programmes and sophisticated tactics ofhere is the full story Written by one of the game s foremost insiders and observers, Real Men Drink Aftershave is destined to become the definitive history

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  1. M. Coakley M. Coakley says:

    great book

  2. Dickinson Dickinson says:

    A great combination of facts,fun insight into our great game as it matured in the pro era

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  4. David W. Straight David W. Straight says:

    from my review It s too bad that few books on team sports can measure up to this one Thirty Bullies covers the Rugby World Cups of 1987, 91, 95, 99, and 2003 it was written a bit too early for the 2007 World Cup The title comes from an Oscar Wilde quote Rugby is a good occasion for keeping thirty bullies far from the centre of the city You ll certainly find here that rugby A game for hooligans played by gentlemen is not always played by gentlemen indeed There s a finely done deep analysis of each of the World Cups, and the likely reasons why the champion indeed won You ll read about the exciting matches and the blowouts Georgia, who were hopeful of winning all their matches, lost to England 84 6 in 2003 Embarrassing Yes, but that year this was only the fifth worse defeat, the others being 142 0, 113 13, 91 7, and 90 8 You get a great sense of the evolution of the sport the development of fitness training, for example On the England team in 1987, for instance, 15% was an acceptable body fat level Compared to other sports, standard tests showed that most of the English rugby team ranked in the low 40 s and 50 s i.e 50 other sports, including archery and lawn bowling had players whose fitness averaged better than rugby players It was also estimated an interesting evaluation for any sport that coaching at the international level makes about a 7% difference to the team not a lot, but certainly enough at times to mean winning or losing There is in the book some delightful comments about the fifty seven old farts in charge of English Rugby a statement that got the captain fired the real number was 56 You ll read about how an injured rugby player writes to one of the English RFU committeemen, Dr Sir Peter Yarranton, to ask whether the RFU might help with his mortgage payments while he was in the hospital Yarranton wrote back to say that he had not been addressed properly, and unless his titles were properly used, no reply would be forthcoming.The book pulls almost no punches you ll read about the New Zealand possible poisoning episode, for example, about dirty play, hijinks, and the like Almost no punches..I would have liked a short paragraph on Australia s 142 0 cliffhanger against Namibia in 2003, but perhaps the author, having described Georgia s 84 6 defeat, felt merciful 16 pages of color photos add to the book If you enjoy rugby, you ll certainly find this a worthwhile book for your collection

  5. Dr Simon Dr Simon says:

    I read the reviews of this book prior to purchase and had enjoyed the extracts in the newspaper but I enjoyed the book much than those because it works so well as a whole thorough and detailed analysis of the tournament There are the great stories from 1987 in here and I hadn t heard any of them before and my brother played for England so I have been around rugby clubs a fair bit over my many years Then the 1991 tournament was so well done because you learnt exactly why Australia won She excels in 1995 with her descriptions of South Africa and the injury to the young Ivory Coast chap There s a quite brilliant portrait of the moment the sport went professional and a great description of how shocked everyone was She compares it to a girlfriend telling you she s going on a dietyou don t actually expect her to lose weight That was like professionalism There was talk about it for years but none of us expected it to happen By the time we get into 1999 and 2003 this lady is peerless and her research immaculate I would thoroughly recommend this book and think it s the sort of tome one would like to keep on ones bookshelves to refer back to from time to time SL D, Canterbury

  6. Michael Michael says:

    The book is very good because it manages to be both a resource full of valuable information about past World Cups and also has a personal touch The author has been involved at the heart of the sport for decades and is well placed to offer witty observations on all manner of players, incidents and matches It s really a lovely book that goes right behind the scenes I ve never reviewed an book before but this book took me by surprise by being so much than I d imagined it was possible for it to be It has been reviewed in all the papers I ve read and everything I ve seen about this book suggests it s one of the best rugby books around but it still managed to shock me with its depth and than anything with the writers personal touches Very good I d recommend this book.

  7. Harry O'Connor Harry O'Connor says:

    Actually this book was very good From the point of view of telling the whole history of the tournament I didn t think that the writer left anything out Also, you felt like you were hearing lots of stories from the inside because the writer has been involved with the sport for a long time and gives a unique, analytic and intelligent interpretation on top of all the facts There s much humour in the book, much thoughtful debate, and some quite brilliant assessments of success and what it takes to be successful I think the understanding expressed in the book about high level sport is second to none and I understand why New Zealand struggle in World Cups I think this book is very good and is a fascinating read all round HO C 11 10

  8. Peter P Peter P says:

    I bought this book after becoming increasingly interested in the World Cup Cup I don t know much about the sport, but found the book very easy to get to grips with The stories and funny tales were unbelievable some of the early stuff is very, very funny It s how I remember rugby from my university days, but through the book, you see how the sport changes gradually, then quickly once it turns professional A lovely, lovely book that has taught me so much about the sport and made me love it all the


    Every rugby fan must read Thirty bullies The book tells good tales over the Rugby World Cup from the amateur era to South African second championship in 2007.