[eBook] Home Workout for Beginners: 6 Week Fitness Program with Fat Burning Workouts for Long Term Weight Loss (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: James Atkinson, Matt Addis, www.jimshealthandmuscle.com: Audible AudiobooksAuthor James Atkinson – Circuitwiringdiagram.co

I ve recently turned 67yrs, my only real exercise is walking I decided to buy myself a set of resistance bands to build up muscle mass I then decided to purchase a book to assist with a workout plan I decided on this publication, Kindle edition Whilst reading through the text I came across a link, to contact the author, and he would send a PDF of the exercises 6 week course I must admit I was dubious about this claim, but all credit to Jim, he was true to his word He is also very supportive, and encourages readers to contact him for help advice.I would thoroughly recommend this publication, and the author He has other publications, though at my age I doubt I will ever have need of them. Good guide, especially for those new to excercises or like myself, returning after an extended period Simple to follow but effective, the excercises build slowly Recommended. Trapped in lockdown and looking for an achievable workout guide I came upon this Home Workout for Beginners which, for me, exactly fitted the bill Well written, with lots of encouragement included, it offers six weeks of do able exercising that even I can manage Really pleased that I downloaded it and happy to recommend. This workout is exactly what I ve been looking for Just the thought of gyms is a complete turnoff for me Instead, this workout allows me to use my home and the locality around it The importance of motivation is high lighted effectively All in all a great workout programme Many thanks very pleased Perfect This book is really helpful and would recommend it. Your fitness and weight loss journey starts right here Find the empowerment you have been seeking It really has been a life changer for many people, helping them not only to find a progressive beginner workout routine, but also helping to create a mind set that will drive them to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals Now, it s your turn If you would like a progressive training routine that Will break you into an exercise routine gently You can do from home Will not take up a lot of your time Will keep you motivated Then this is the perfect guide for you If you are one of the millions of people who Has tried everything to lose weight Knows it s time to change but have not got a clue where to start Is unsure about joining a gym or leisure club I know this can be daunting Knows you need to do something about your situation as the weight is creeping on, your fitness levels are dropping, and that only a lifestyle change will help you This audiobook will make all the difference and could be your missing link Hi, I m James Atkinson Jim to my friends and readers I m a qualified personal trainer and fitness coach and am a competing bodybuilder, and I have a burning desire to help others reach their fitness goals I have been training for thanyears This training has taken me from long distance running to bodybuilding competition It is fair to say I have learned the secrets of weight loss and fitness from my own personal journey I have been fat, skinny, and musclebound throughout my fitness career, and I really feel fulfillment from helping and advising others when it comes to their goals So, this audiobook is all about fitness for the beginner Believe me, I can empathize with the beginner There is so much contradicting information out there today that it will confuse the training newbie to a point that it will actually kill their potential It is for this reason that I created this audiobook If I happened to be a beginner to fitness, overweight, recovering from an injury, or unhappy with my body in any way and I knew what I know now, this six week routine is exactly what I would do to start me off Good luck and remember that I am always happy to help where I can PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio This is a quick but useful little book intended to start you on your way to better over all fitness and health I just finished the first week training program and felt really good about it I purchased the proper bands and I feel like this is the program that will finally work for me The kick in the butt that I needed Great for beginners. Excellent book for anyone begining a fitness program Would have given 5 stars but for a few problems 1 Author only mentions jogging as a cardio exercise There sre other options that should be mentioned.2 Book goes through 6 week program then leaves you hanging on how to go on past the 6 weeks with no mention if you restart from week one and just increase the reps.3 Needs to show different ideas in week 3 for ab crunches Not everyone has room in thier home for the big exercise ball Fix these issues and it would be a 10 star book