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The first novel in the Forerunner Saga trilogy by science fiction legend Greg Bear set in the Halo universe and based on the New York Times best selling video game series One hundred thousand years ago, the galaxy was populated by a great variety of beings But one species eons beyond all others in both technology and knowledge achieved dominance They ruled in peace but met opposition with quick and brutal effectiveness They were the Forerunners the keepers of the Mantle of Responsibility, the next stage of life in the Universe s Living Time And then they vanished This is their story This is the start of a trilogy detailing the rise of the Forerunners in the Halo world The first book is by Greg Bear as is the second.In this start to the Forerunner Saga we meet a very young Forerunner named Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting who just can t sit still it appears He is obsessed with the past and sneaks away to look for lost treasures.Contrary to his Dad s instructions he strikes out for a planet called Erde Tyrene where it is rumoured that ancient Forerunner and Precursor technology lies waiting to be discovered.Bornstellar finds two humans that are willing to take him to a special place that is hidden from direct site either on land or from the air.There the young Forerunner activates an ancient cryptum that contains a warrior who has been asleep for over a thousand years.Soon Bornstellar and his two human guides are on a ship with the warrior and on their way to stop a plot to destroy the centre of Forerunner Technology Along the way Bornstellar is linked to the warrior as he mutates to a higher state in the Forerunner hierarchy.Great forces are at odds with the Forerunner political elite and we are introduced to not only Halo and what they were created for, but also the background to the Flood, and the Ark.This book is a great start to describing in detail how the Forerunner dominance of space occurred and who their enemies were.I can t wait to get a copy of the second book which came out this month January 2012 I ve been a fan of Greg bears for years and I was worried about this foray into the halo universe, computer games tend to have very little in the way of plot behind them.However the story here is rich and deep as any Greg bear tale It takes the bare bones of the halo back story and weaves a complex brain twisting story on top of it.Overall it s hard to read but worth sticking with it to continue the series to its end I am a Halo fan so I had to get this book I waited until the softcover version came out and started reading it I was a bit curious about the story because it is far away from the Halo universe we know of But that curiousity was answered with great satisfaction The story is awesome and it reads really well, great writing It is still Halo and many things are related to the terminals in Halo 3 It is a must for everybody that likes the Halo universe and is curious about the history of it Even if you are new to Halo you can read this because the red line through the Halo universe is pretty simple in fact and this book is in the beginning You go back to the far past and meet the Forerunners The Forerunners are an awesome civilizition species, I wish our world was a bit Forerunner ish lol The scale of their world is behind words and their role in the universe is the most noble cause a species can have Look I m starting to dream again Looking forward to the next two parts because that universe is so huge and well designed that I still need to discover a lot The book has not the same dimension than the others Ghosts of Onyx, but hey that is not a problem And like I am used to, delivered it fast and in good state. Is this the same Greg Bear that bought us gems like Eon and Hull Zero Three It reads like some juvenile twaddle cobbled together for a bunch of gormless gamers who ve never read a book in their lives Shallow, monolithic characters, shoddy and repetitive dialogue If you want to remember the author for his seminal works, don t give this pile of excre ment a second glance.