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A good read A great read, educational and funny as always Worth getting in addition to Practical Programming and Starting Strength Highly recommended. great Covers lots of typical Rip topics nothing that I haven t heard before, just good solid common sense Strength making everything better Old people can t progress as fast as young, spot fat reduction is bs, abs muscles are side effects Barbells are best. Lots of detail, knowledge and experience crammed in Well written and funny as well. There are lots of things about weight training in general and barbell exercise in particular that can only be learned by spending way too many hours in the gym And honestly, unless you re a gym owner, this is a really weird way to spendhours a week Mark Rippetoe has been in the fitness industry sinceand has owned a black iron gym sinceHe knows things about lifting weights and training for performance that most other coaches and professionals have never had the chance to learn This book of essays offers a glimpse into the depths of experience made possible through many years under the bar, and many years spent helping others under the bar