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The New York Times best seller part of the expanded universe based on the award winning video game series Halo It sIt is the first, desperate days of the Human Covenant War, and the United Nations Space Command has enacted the Cole Protocol to safeguard Earth and its inner colonies from discovery by its merciless alien foe Many are called upon to rid the galaxy of lingering navigation data that could potentially reveal the location of Earth and ensure the destruction of humanity Among those tasked with eliminating any trace of such dangerous information is Navy Lieutenant Jacob Keyes now saddled with a top secret mission by the Office of Naval Intelligenceone that will take him to a corner of the galaxy where nothing is as it seems Out beyond the Outer Colonies lies the planet Hesiod, a gas giant surrounded by a vast asteroid belt As the Covenant continues to glass the human occupied planets near Hesiod, many of the survivors, aided by a stronghold of human insurrectionists, are fleeing to the asteroids for refuge They have transformed the tumbling satellites into a tenuous yet ingenious settlement known as the Rubble and have come face to face with a Covenant settlement of Kig Yaryet somehow survived News of this unlikely treaty has spread to the warring factions Luckily for the UNSC, this uneasy alliance is in the path of the Spartan Gray Team, a three person renegade squad whose simple task is to wreak havoc from behind enemy lines in any way they see fit But the Prophets have also sent their very best an ambitious and ruthless Elite whose quest for nobility and rank is matched only by his brutality Typischer Halo Roman, wer an der vorherigen B chern Spa hatte wird auch hier gl cklich EInziges Manko, was ich aber auch in Teil 5 fand, ist, dass es ab Band 5 nicht mehr um den Masterchief oder Spartaner 117 geht, sondern um andere Charaktere Als Abwechslung find ich es super aber es stehen noch zu viele Fragen offen und ab Teil 3 ist auch das Schicksal der Erde offen gehalten Mich w rde es interessieren, wie es mit John weitergeht, mit der Allianz und mit dem UNSC Ein w rdiger Abschluss mit allen Charakteren die man kennt, w re echt angemessen Und mit Eric Nylund als Autor and having also read all the other Halo novels I consider this the weakest so far.This outing is the turn of Lieutenant Keyes and how he became the Commander from Halo Like Contact Harvest it is a book of various story strands, having one for a team of Spartans, group of Elites, Keyes, an Insurrectionist linked space pilot and a Jackal commander that eventually come together for the conclusion of the book.The story itself is an OK read, focussing on two Convenant plots to obtain navigational data from Insurrectionists hidden in an asteroid belt with the two UNSC story strands trying to prevent it.But this for me was not the major weakness, it was the writing style of the author Reading the cover notes it seemed that this may be his first commercial book, which would explain a lot, but has a page for him and I am surprised he has been published before The problem is it takes him at least of a third of the book to find his feet and I can only guess there wasn t enough time to go back and do a rewrite.Of the first third the dialogue is painfully bad and stilted and I could have quite easily given up if I hadn t been determined to finish the book The actual story telling is better than the dialogue but there are still jarring sentences that really just didn t fit and should have been picked up by an editor Both improve in the second third, although again the dialogue is painful.By the last third of the book the flow is how I would have expected it to be, the dialogue didn t make me wince and the jarring sentences were down to a minimum But by then the damage is done and I am left neither a fan of this book nor the author, leading me to question whether I would ever read it again or buy another Halo title written by the author again.Overall, OK I suppose, but I would just put it down as a stock, run of the mill, standard, nothing special franchise novel that plagues the franchises that I have read, being Dragonlance and Star Wars, and does nothing than pad out the titles list and leave me feeling that maybe I won t bother with any of them. I have read and enjoyed most books in the Halo series I had high hopes for this instalment of the franchise but I was sorely disappointed.The first chapter, indeed the first line, contains a spelling mistake and this sets up the tone for the rest of the story Previous Halo novels had great narrative and good use of language but The Cole Protocol seems to lack imagination and is written in a simplistic manner It just seems pedestrian where it could have been a great book The phrase x bit his her lip seemed to crop up every few pages or so and I really wish Buckell would have tried to spice it up a bit.The lack of style could be forgiven if the story was up to the mark Here the situation is a little better and redeems the book somewhat I loved the Gray Team and the story of Thel and his clan with their background and traditions I would have loved for the book to concentrate on these characters and their interaction as those parts of the book were great Unfortunately these elements seemed underdeveloped compared to Keyes and the inhabitants of the Rubble and a lot of the book really dragged for me.I would have given this book 2.5 stars if I could 3 is perhaps too generous but 2 would definitely have been too mean Nylund is really the master of Halo literature I wish that he would make a return to the franchise. This book is less well written than previous and later books unfortunately, Tobias Buckell I fell doesn t really have any investment into the universe nor any particular understanding of it Also, the book Cole Protocol doesn t really contribute much to the Halo canon particularly when the first book, The Fall Of Reach, actually explains just what the Cole Protocol is and explains that there is a character called Admiral Cole you can do the math this book seems quite unnecessary and disappointing However, for any seasoned fan its quite an enjoyable three hundred or so pages, so go for it.