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arrived on time product as described in excellent condition Jon Parkin is a living legend.very funny book and he scored a hat trick at Ellen road in the best away game I ve ever seen helping the mighty Preston to win 6 4 if your a fan buy two if not buy one Withspells at various clubs in the Football League, Jon Parkin has cut an instantly recognisable figure in English football for the pastyears At , and weighing in as one of football s heavyweights, Parkin has played thangames during his time with Barnsley, Hartlepool, York, Macclesfield Town, Hull City, Stoke City, Preston, Cardiff, Doncaster, Huddersfield, Scunthorpe, Fleetwood, Forest Green, Newport County and back to York, where he is currently top scorer This is his no holds barred life story The book is written in a style that probably sits comfortably with Parkins fans, I applaud Jon s honesty, just a bit repetitive with foul language for me. Better than most of the usual churned out nonsesense that most footy autos doActually enjoyed this oneThe lads a bit of a maverickEntertaining read I m not usually a fan of autobiographies but because I m a Barnsley lad and Jon Parkin is ex Barnsley, I thought I d pick it up and give it a read when I went on Holiday Loved it Certainly not your normal biography thing Recommend picking it up Got this book for 99p and what a waste of money the book is one long story of the same recurring theme how Mr Parkin drank himself stupid over a twenty year career. You need to be a fan to appreciate A reasonably entertaining book but not the classic I was hoping it would be going by other readers reviews I prefer books by journeymen footballers who always have stories to tell and down to earth escapades rather than the spoilt millionaires of today This seems rather rushed and his career flies by with very little depth and some of the hilarious anecdotes are really disgusting than funny Parkin seems like a nice fella but his story is actually quite sad as he obviously had talent and didn t make of much of it as he could, he tries hard to come across as the everyday lad who enjoys getting lashed too much to take life seriously..maybe a little too hard For a in depth account of kicking around at a lower level, the books by Lee Howey and Chris Hargreaves are better for me. A wonderful account of one man s career in professional football Funny, gritty a really good read that takes you on a twenty year journey through Jon s unconventional life in the beautiful game Born bred in Barnsley, Jon speaks of his escapades with typical Yorkshire vigour Up front, honest an enjoyable alternative to the Messis Ronaldos of this world I thoroughly enjoyed it.