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After surviving a traumatic childhood, multiple arrests, six years in high school, and time in drug rehab, Kyle Robinson manages to become a lawyer and business owner But when he becomes disillusioned with society s version of success, Kyle throws out the old rule book to happiness and blazes his own path to true fulfillment by doing what any reasonable man in his late s would do He buys a cargo van, builds a bed in the back, and drives west in search of himself, his tribe, and an adventure Kyle s quest takes him through remote areas of the Pacific Northwest, California, Utah, and beyond, where he befriends a group of trail runners and comes face to face with his demons As Kyle wrestles with the trauma and memories of his troubled past, he is transported to another world as he explores the mountains for the first time, gets a crash course in outdoor survival, and falls in love Follow the Dragons is a raw, soul searching portrait of a man finding his way, challenging what people are capable of no matter their past, and coming to the realization that a grand arrival to fulfillment is intangible Instead, what matters most is our continued growth and appreciation for life as it unfolds along the way This is definitely one of the better ultrarunning books I ve read But it s so much than about running I d put it in the same calls as Finding Ultra by Rich Roll and Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes. What a great read It doesn t get much gritty, raw, and honest than Kyle s story His self awareness is truly refreshing and a reminder that we all do things that we know aren t necessarily right for us However it s those things that shape us as a human I couldn t put this book down It was started and finished in just over 24 hours. I ve known Kyle since high school where to be honest we never really liked each other It wasn t until we worked together for a few years in college that I feel we became friends and I got to know him for who he is at his core What he has painted out here is an extremely honest, raw and intelligent version of his troubles from youth, to his successes and long strange trip as an adult I burned through this in basically one sitting That s not because I know Kyle, but because of how well it s written and how engaging a book it is. Kyle s writing style is easy, like a conversation, and honest What he s overcome to get where he is impressive A good read for anyone who has had some bumps in the road on the way to adulthood believe and you can overcome Looking forward to his next book.