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The Ecovia do Litoral the coastal eco way is a cycle route that, as the name suggests, follows the coast across the beautiful Algarve region of Southern Portugal The route stretches somekmmiles from the frontier town of Vila Real de Santo Ant nio on the Spanish border to the dramaticmeter high clifftops of Cape St Vincent on Europe s most southwestern tip The multi surface route, encompassing mainly quiet roads, dedicated cycle paths, and dirt tracks of various quality takes in pretty much everything the Algarve has to offer, from sleepy fishing villages to bustling tourist resorts, cosmopolitan cities Faro , and some of the best and most expensive golf real estate in Europe This audiobook follows numerous attempts at the route but focuses mainly on the author s first and, albeit unplanned, disastrous solo expedition inand two successful but nonetheless traumatic trips made with equally unprepared friends inandIf you re looking for a cycling audiobook documenting the efforts of finely tuned athletes pushing themselves beyond acceptable barriers of pain to cross huge distances at a ridiculous pace, this probably isn t the audiobook for you This audiobook is for the rest of us whose dreams and abilities are perhaps a little less extreme However, if you like the idea of getting lost on a bike for a couple of days in the glorious sunshine, lubricating your inner mechanisms with the occasional cheeky beer along the route, and just not taking yourself too seriously how could anyone take themselves seriously in cycle shorts then stick around I promise you, it ll be emotional

8 thoughts on “Follow the Blue Line: Cycling the Algarve (Audio Download): John W. Hayes, Bernard Faricy, John Hayes: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Dr. R. J. Higson Dr. R. J. Higson says:

    it made trying section after section easy the maps which were available on the internet were rubbish and the trail markings in the midsection and western sections are dismal The blue line appears mainly in the eastern section where the yellow arrows are abundant and guide one well The views at Cacela Velha are to die for and there is no shortage of watering holes along the way My only criticism of the book is that they seem to have missed out on the best off road sections and used the N125 too much for shortcuts when tired and therefore may have missed out on some of the best bits along the way e.g the tuna pools which were used by the Romans to catch fish near Salema Also, the prevailing winds are West to East and this makes it easier by far to go Sagres to Vila Real than the other way in my humble opinion.

  2. Strider011 Strider011 says:

    A lovely book about a bunch of not overly athletic chaps doing a lovely long bike ride along the length of Portugal s Algarve region, an area I know well Liking bikes, and not being a racing snake, it s tempting to join them on future adventures.

  3. BloggerManDave BloggerManDave says:

    This was a thoroughly entertaining read The story of a normal man and his mates taking on a decent sized bike ride across the sunny south of Portugal.The adventures and situations that arose over the various trips are incredible and you couldn t make them up If you want an easy entertaining and motivating read then this is the book for you.

  4. Sarah Brittan Sarah Brittan says:

    Fantastic account of cycling the Ecovia Funny, descriptive and authentic, this book gives a charming insight into the many diverse places along the Algarve, and a humourous look at the author s experiences when cycling it.Lighthearted and fun A great read.

  5. Liz Liz says:

    I enjoyed reading this book, lots of info on places along the cycle route, funny and entertaining.

  6. Stevie B Stevie B says:

    Very entertaining and enjoyable with some good tips too An easy read Would recommend for anyone who loves this area of Portugal whether a cyclist or not Has inspired me to get my own bike and do some exploring myself

  7. Mimi Mimi says:

    Loved reading the descriptions of all the places I know and love Great read with great narrative I regularly laughed out loud and kept reading paragraphs out loud to my poor despairing husband.Highly recommend

  8. redredmark redredmark says:

    Given the current lock down and with no sign of foreign travel available, I took the opportunity to delve into a book instead I thoroughly enjoyed the read, it follows the trails and tribulations of four men, some of whom are not entirely at home on the saddle as they cycle The Blue Line in the Algarve region of Portugal It s a highly entertaining account of their trip with several laugh out loud moments Certainly plenty of valuable tips for anyone considering the trip I have been so inspired by the book, I have looked further into the idea of taking on the trip myself You never know, I may even meet them on my travels