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Even before he could move, the full realisation of what confronted him blazed in the Pharaoh s mind This was the foul and loathsome thing that Taita, with his clairvoyant powers, had smelt in the air The light was strong enough for him to make out every detail of the enemy he had loved as a friend The magic of the gods The treachery of man In his long life, Taita has gone from slave to warlock, and now his wisdom and abilities are known throughout the kingdom But even his immense skills cannot protect those close to him from the evil that lurks at the heart of Egypt Lord Naja, self proclaimed Regent until the Prince comes of age Taita must summon all of his formidable gifts to protect the true ruler, the young prince Nefer grandson of Queen Lostris As enemy forces join together to bring destruction to the whole land, it is no longer a matter of simple magic To defeat the false Pharaohs, the gods and armies must share their powers with a mortal warlock

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  1. A. E. Williams A. E. Williams says:

    I have read many Wlibur Smith novels over the years and as I love Egypt I thought I would give this series a try Enjoyed River God, The Seventh Scroll was a disappointment because I expected the continuation of the story and instead got a mediocre modern day Romance Thriller Warlock promised to continue the ancient story so I persevered Got fed up half way with of the same and nothing happening I will probably go back to it sometime as I don t like leaving books unfinished but honestly I no longer care what happens to any of the characters.

  2. Ann Ann says:

    Continues the stories of Taita an admirable character as he becomes and adept at mystical powers Wilbur Smith has the power to keep the reader enthralled, but this book does have a fair amount of fantasy I enjoyed the book enough to go immediately to The Quest the final book of the Egyptian series I have now read all four books one after the other over a period of a year.and enjoyed them all The first two books of the series are probably the best but if you enjoyed them it is well worth reading them all I would recommend reading them in order.

  3. Bob Richards Bob Richards says:

    This is the third of the Egyptian series and takes the story of the central characters on by another generation As is usual with Wilbur Smith, all the men are handsome, muscular, virile and in the main have the ability to cheat death when all around them are being hacked to pieces by sword and spear The women are all beautiful and able to satisfy their man s desires on a very regular basis without getting prematurely pregnant A typical Wilbur Smith plot with a happy ever after sort of ending but if, like me, you take it for what it is and not as a totally accurate historical tale of ancient Egyot, then you will find it a darn good read.

  4. scarecrow1960 scarecrow1960 says:

    3rd time reading this series, first time on Kindle I am no literary critic, but I know what I like This tale of Ancient Egypt is not all about dates and facts and figures, it s a story about the life and times and people and gives such a wonderful insight into the politics and processes of the day From the first chapter of River God I was hooked something to get your teeth into and for all age groups Wilbur Smith has such a wonderful gift for description, you feel the sand under your feet, the sun on your back and the sights, smells and sounds of days long gone Grab yourself a bit of this very Egypt, before it s gone.

  5. Judith S Judith S says:

    Full of conflict, intrigue, love and hate, this 3rd book in the Egypt series does not disappoint It has been a while since I read the previous 2 books, but the character of Taita was just as I remembered He looked after his new charges with the same love, compassion and mysteriousness that was apparent in the previous 2 books Would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who has enjoyed the Egypt series so far Can t wait to read the next in the series.

  6. Obe Ladi Obe Ladi says:

    I rate the first book in the series River God as one of the best books I ever had the pleasure of reading The Warlock does not reach those standards in my opinion but is still a really entertaining read and is one of those books that makes you just have to know what happens next All in all a very very good read, and so we move onto The Quest as the next in the series.

  7. PaulR PaulR says:

    This is nowhere near as good a book as River God Transforming Taita into an ancient Egyptian Gandalf has greatly detracted from his character and therefore the whole story at least in the previous novels he was depicted as a credible, if larger than life, human being Though obviously fictitious it was his inventive genius coupled with an inflated ego that originally made the character so interesting, even endearing However, perhaps what detracted from the story even as far as I was concerned was the overly graphic descriptions of violence, particularly sexual violence River God also, had it s fair share of sex and violence but not to the extent as is contained in Warlock, which I personally found unpleasant, perhaps even disturbing The graphic description of one of the heroines being raped to death with the butt of a spear is but one example If you enjoyed River God as much as I did then in my opinion you will probably get pleasure from re reading it than reading this sequel I don t think I ll be reading any of the series.

  8. Silverdolphin23 Silverdolphin23 says:

    this is the sequel to River God , and even excels that, if that were possible Taita, the wizard, develops greater psychic nd magical abilities in this stage he befriends the offspring of his previous Pharaoh and Pharaona, and wards off many kinds of evil which would otherwise befall them absolutely HUGE payout for anyone investing the time and energy to get through this tremendous read.There way he describes everything, from the ceremonies, the casting of the spells, the battles, the emotions of the characters both good and bad , REALLY makes you feel connected to this realm, and to these people.

  9. D.M.C. D.M.C. says:

    Readers who has complained that Taita has become a warlock have obviously no idea how the Ancient World was back in the days of the Pharaohs Magic was matter of fact for everyone, because everybody had believed in it What s our reality if not what we re believing and subjectivity experiencing of it An authentic story about their everyday life must contain magic or it s ain t authentic no That s why I didn t even bother with the two previous books in this series nonetheless as an advanced student of Egyptology I found most of this story a bit slowed down by unnecessary details of boring every day s life and military campaign and just enough magic of Pharaohs that I was able to finish reading it definitely not gonna read it again though, once was than enough, but thanks anyways Ta ta