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King Solomon s Mines with gratuitous sex and.violence.Macho good guys with attitudes towards women from somewhere in the last century several evil bad guys who all come to very predictable sticky ends plus a couple of compliant simpering females Throw this lot into a well worn search for buried treasure plot and you ve pretty much summed up the whole thing.An over abundance of research detail does nothing to disguise the shallowness of the yarn, but just adds an extra layer of lipstick on the pig. Extremely well written adventure story It concerns a long lost Egyptian Pharaohs tomb which is discovered buried in Ethiopia There is a race against time to find the tomb and rescue the treasure as it is buried in the rock face within the river Nile so requires damming the River.Recommended. I love the series I was a little confused and read River God followed by Desert God, Pharoah and then the Seveth Scroll I understand now this is the 2nd in the series but if so then the stories does not flow I am glad I read then in the order I chose because it is,logical Despite the confusion it s a gripping read. I have read the book, which is a good yarn I ordered this in audio book so when I am driving, walking I can listen to the series I have had two of these delivered and on both occasions neither disc was recognised by my Mac SuperDrive external cd drive, my partner s CD player nor by my BRAND NEW NAD CD player On both occasions I tried for several hours to get these to work I am really upset that and it s sister company Audible cannot supply a working audiobook on cd I have to say to make it very clear, I have had this type of MP3 cd before River God and that worked, all I can think is that there is a serious batch problem Please get this sorted out. This second in the Egyptian series is situated in the modern era and not the Egypt of the original Despite this it is exciting and still full of Egyptian facts and myth As a whole the book is quite an exciting read though typical of Wilbur Smith in that it is detailed and full of superfluous narrative at points. Following on from the excellent River God, this fast action story moves forward 4000 years when Royan all Simma discovers the mysterious seventh scroll Written by the genius Taita, the scroll hints at the whereabouts of the tomb of the pharoah Mamose After killers murder her husband, Royan seeks the help of Sir Nicholas Quenten Harper Soon the two of them are caught up in a wild and dangerous search for the lost tomb Set in Ethiopia, the story moves with the force of the untamed river A cracking read Infinitely better than the disappointing Warlock or the ridiculously far fetched The Quest. Many tense moments as ingenious ways out of danger and engrossing ways that problems Believable and informative solutions where all seems lost Wilbur Smith has set the scenes for the next book in the series. She glanced down at the drawer in which she kept all her floppy disks That and all the other drawers had been pulled out and thrown on the floor They were empty, of course along with the disks, all her notebooks and photographs were missing Her last connections with the seventh scroll were lost After three years of work, gone was the proof it had ever existed A hunt for treasure A battle to stay alive When Royan Al Simma is the victim of a vicious attack that leaves her husband dead, her only thought is that she must continue their joint work to use the secrets of the seventh scroll to find the hidden tomb of Pharaoh Mamose and its untold trove of lost Egyptian riches To do so, she must bury her grief and partner with the eccentric aristocrat Nicholas Quenton Harper, a man who shares her passion for the ancient world But the men who killed her husband are not yet finished As Royan and Nicholas draw closer to the Pharaoh s tomb, enemies are gathering people who will stop at nothing to ensure the scroll s promised treasures are kept from Roman s hands Just like River God, I have read it many times It s a good book, just not as good as as its prequel I really like how you can follow the good guys finding the tomb of Pharaoh and be sometimes amused how they struggle with Taita s riddles, because after reading River God, you know Taita personally What irks me in this book, is how the good guys get robbed of all acquired information and collected hints and items several times, so that the bad guys can keep on their heels This is a bit lazy on Smiths part, because that s just an easy way of having the bad guys being able to chase them so closely But to the latest after the second time in the UK that Royan got almost killed, it should have been clear what s going on The next time, in the gorge, where their camp got raided, and all new material stolen from them again, is one time too many It really irks me Still give it 4 Stars.Reduced to 3 stars for the eBook, that doesn t give reading time for the chapters Oh, it does, but the one chapter it recognises has the same reading time as the full book Sloppy work. A scroll a 4000 years old piece of paper, made of papyrus It is a valuable document to any archeologist for academic interest only At least this was the view of Dr Royan Al Simma, the young that was the last request from her dying husband But it was impossible for her to proceed alone So when she found not only her office, but also their apartment in Cairo has been robbed and all study material along with the scroll is missing so that she has no documents to refer She had only one person to go Sir Nicholas Quenton Harper Strong hard clever man , a British armature archeologist Royan convinced him And then their expedition started A fantastic journey started from Algiers, with two guides A Russian hunk Boris 2 the gorilla terrorist group, and 3 the unknown but powerful enemy, which Royan thinks still after her But she knows she has a trustworthy partner Nicholas, her friend, philosopher and most probably something which she can t express But what is there at the end I shouldn t tell , better you read it But a mixture delicately prepared by the author So start immediately your journey with Royan Get stunned to see the cruelty of life on their journey get astonished to feel the fragrance of history in the dense forest be charmed to solve the puzzle created by a genial slave 4000 years ago get nervous to face the ruthless and powerful enemy and above all, be delighted to have the un uttered but inevitable passionate love between a pair of adventurers History but also the way for two lonely hearts to be merged into a single one A fantastic novel by Wilbur Smith.