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The painfully honest and personal story of one of baseball s most intriguing players In Curveball, Zito shares his story with honesty and transparency The ups and the downs The wins and losses By sharing his experiences as a man who had everything except happiness, Zito offers listeners a path through adversity and toward a life defined by true success Despite achieving the kind of fame and fortune that most people only dream about, Barry Zito was plagued by both internal forces and external circumstances that robbed him of any sense of peace until he finally found a purpose worth living for Barry explores the twists and turns of his own journey, including his dad s constant push and pursuit for excellence, which translated into a toxic father son relationship, how achieving superstardom in the Major Leagues created crippling fear, the personal destruction brought on by fame and fortune, and the disastrous seasons with the San Francisco Giants, including being benched for theplayoffs and World Series Zito comes face to face with the destructiveness of his own ego his need to be viewed as the best He also comes face to face with God and with the truth that he was loved no matter what he achieved Photos of Zito throughout his career are available in the audiobook companion PDF download PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio

15 thoughts on “Curveball: How I Discovered True Fulfillment After Chasing Fortune and Fame (Audio Download): Barry Zito, Barry Zito, Robert Noland, Thomas Nelson: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Joseph M Yukich Joseph M Yukich says:

    Most enjoyable book All will relate in some way Barry humbly relates to his readers bringing them into his world.So glad for the end to his story Baseball fans and all others will be delightfully entertained and enlightened.

  2. M. J. E. M. J. E. says:

    For 2 3 of Barry Zito s book, he s not a likeable fellow Then he underwent The Exchange He became a servant, he became a human being dedicated to someone instead of himself He became a man dedicated to Jesus Christ He stopped thinking about himself and started thinking about someone else for a change Now he s a brother Now I consider Barry Zito a friend The first part of the book is a wild ride, but the rest of it is an inspiration I would like to meet Barry Zito now since his transformation But likely I ll see you in heaven and that s where it counts He s my hero

  3. Steven Travers Steven Travers says:

    As Curveball amply relates, chicks were a dominant part of Barry s life, something he actually measured himself by It seemed strange since he was a tall, model handsome stud, but apparently in his youth he was not so popular with girls and this left him unsure of himself When fame and looks and money came to him, so did the girls, and he went overboard He describes in his book a life of conquest, much of it centered around a party boy style honed in a Hollywood hills mansion he eventually bought with money from his record San Francisco Giants contract How many girls, the beauty of the girls he dated, all became part of a rating system he used to measure himself by and use as bragging rights with teammates like Brian Wilson.The San Francisco contract quickly became a major drag From a distance one figured the reason Barry felt so bad about his lousy performance in San Francisco after signing for over 100 million was that he was a Christian filled with Christian guilt In Curveball Barry reveals that was not why he felt like he did.After a few years, Barry s sub par record became the stuff of Greek tragedy He writes of his mom who ran a kind of New Age Christian church It might be New Age, but Christian is still Christian, right He had recently married Amber Seyer, a fabulous blonde model At the time, one was unsure what to make of that Models are not known as models of virtue, leading lives as sinful as baseball stars This pairing had no foundation one could see beyond physical looks and Barry s dough.Barry was 33 years old, the age of Christ at the Resurrection, in 2012 and somehow that year might just be the year he had his own resurrection Barry was not a Christian, until then.In 2012, Barry began pitching spectacularly well He had a big year, was a star in the play offs and World Series, and was a true hero as the Giants won another world title It was a baseball resurrection, without doubt.People still did not know, as Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story Most were just happy for the guy Then came Curveball If anyone ever read an indictment, or exposition, of the sham of so called New Age Religion or whatever mystics and Eastern practitioners call it, it was this book Roberta, his mom, was not a Christian She and her mother had some hocus pocus church that somehow preached that man can save himself through perfection on Earth Without getting deep into Paul s letters to the Corinthians, this is hogwash No wonder the kid was screwed up Joe Zito had a lot of goof ball ideas for his son He tried the best he could but his methods were unusual at best.But there are people chosen by God to stand out I personally think the immoralist and narcissist Donald Trump may have been chosen by God to sever the Deep State and restore America by ending abortion and Socialism All men are God s children and have a purpose, but not all are meant to have their purpose be made public in a big way I think Barry is a golden child, chosen to walk a strange journey leading him to where he is today, with a message for all.The key is Amber Unlike most all models, sirens tempting men and their money, here was seemingly the one girl who looked like a super model but was a genuine Midwestern Christian lady The book details how in 2011 she showed Barry the Bible and converted him to real Christianity.At the end of Curveball, Barry was detailing the truths of Christ as if he were St Paul himself, or John Calvin, a theologian and personal hero of mine I realize when I was Barry s age I had not fully come to understand Christ s relationship with man That was not until my 40s Like my own dad, both Barry s parents had repented and asked for forgiveness not of some New Age deity but of the one true God, prior to their respective passings.Barry is now writing country songs in Nashville This guy has to say.

  4. RSC RSC says:

    This was a good readnot the best book I ve ever read, and certainly not the worst Parts of the book in the middle made me just want the author to get to the point That being said, the last third of the book was awesome and the point of it all was obvious Great way to turn your life around Mr Zito Thank you for sharing your story.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    and boy am I glad I did Having an identity, a very successful one at that, all of the sudden ripped away is an awful thing How one deals with it is the test This is not a baseball book per se It s a story of redemption.

  6. Customer Customer says:

    I saw Barry Zito as a guest on the Mike Huckabee show last night I ordered the book around 9 pmand it was just delivered to my door at 1 30 the next day I ordered this book because I was impressed with the testimony of Barry Zito concerning his change of heart and priorities after trusting Jesus Christ as his Savior This book should be an inspiration and encouragement to the power of God in the heart of those who come to Him seeking His Truth.

  7. M. Rossi M. Rossi says:

    What a journey of redemption Like Barry, I spent many years chasing vanity and self fulfillment All of it left me destroyed Stay the path Barrythere s nothing like It

  8. Robin Neal Robin Neal says:

    I found it very heartwarming the change in Barry Zito I never would have guessed how difficult things were for him I am so thankful for having him as our fantastic Oakland A s pitcher but am thankful for Amber coming into his life Wishing him the best forever.

  9. Kevin from Brooklyn NY Kevin from Brooklyn NY says:

    Great read enjoyed immensely To see how money, fame and fortune can really never satisfy What really touch me how it feels when you get booed When we flippant remark he is just in it for the money Great insight.

  10. Beverly H. Krick Beverly H. Krick says:

    Very interesting book Makes interested in baseball again Nice to see such a beautifulFamily story Every parent of a serious athlete should read this book

  11. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    This book is great for any sports junkie, Christians looking to be encouraged, and anyone who is on a journey in life and searching for an answer I could not put it down.

  12. Marcelle Marcelle says:

    My son got this for Christmas and really enjoyed reading it

  13. Thomas Zocco Thomas Zocco says:

    Barry Zito does not hide anything.

  14. Austin E Ray Austin E Ray says:

    Zito really lets us in with this book Entertaining and vulnerable What an interesting family history, career, and view into his personal life.