download Audiobooks Infectious Love: An Mpreg Romance: Silver Oak Medical Center, Book 6 (Audio Download): Aiden Bates, Kaeomakana Tiwanak, Equal Love Publishing: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Aiden Bates –

It is what I expected from this type of book It is alright for the money spend to buy the book I have paid only to be disappointed. An omega with a mission An alpha sworn to serve and protect And an outbreak that will change both of their lives forever Dave Stanek has spent the past decade of his life trying to atone for his family s sins While his parents bilked thousands out of their life s savings and tried to bring him into the family business, Dave has built a successful career in medicine as an infectious disease specialist at Silver Oak Medical Center Ken Sykora has seen a lot during his time in the Army and during his years on the force When someone finds a vial at the scene of a meningitis outbreak, he s obliged to consult with the Infectious Disease Specialist at Silver Oak Hospital When Dave is assigned a meningitis case one evening, he finds himself face to face with the most attractive alpha cop he s ever seen and neck deep in a biological terror case Ken shares Dave s attraction, notwithstanding the doctor s superiority complex Despite the gravity of the case they re working, their mutual desire proves too much to contain But when a night of pleasure leads to unintended consequences, they ll have to decide if they can overcome their differences and build a life together while catching a killer Infectious love was such a intense heart pounding storyDave and ken stole my heartI was hooked from beginning to end of this storyYour are so excited from what s happening from one page to the nextBeing sucked in to one of Aiden bates mpeg books is amazing he never fails to amaze meI voluntary reviewed a advanced readers copy of this book This is a great story it really got me in and caught up in all the drama hard work and love this is another great Aiden Bates books I highly recommend this book to ant one Keep up the good work Aiden love it. I tried this on KU, I couldn t do it The writing is basic, the storylines meh, I just don t get why everyone loves this author so much His books aren t good I ve tried a couple of times now They re average at best. A lot of people have bad parents or siblings but if you find a great love even with that then you are Very lucky These Omega books are crappy read one you have read them all, would not have bought it if I knew it was an Omega book Unfortunately I found it difficult to read. I really loved this, another great instalment to the Silver Oak series I love the attention to detail and that there is always so much going on in Aiden s books.Dave Stanek an Infectious Disease specialist at Silver Oak meets Alpha cop Ken Sykora during a meningitis outbreak Dave works hard to save his patients whilst also helping Ken find the person responsible for spreading the disease They make a great team, Ken is great in looking out for Daves welfare when he becomes pregnant with twins, especially as Dave is resistant to this.I voluntarily reviewed an advance readers copy of this book.