Red Card: FIFA and the Fall of the Most Powerful Men in Sports (Audio Download): Ken Bensinger, Mike Capozzola, Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks pdf epub –

I enjoyed it with some interesting stories It was a bit difficult to follow with all the different initials for the different FIFA conglomerations eg Caribbean, South America etc and the initials of all the companies doing the marketing rights of football but apart from that, very enjoyable. Fantastic insight into the corruption in football and the painstaking investigations to bring those guilty to justice Superb read seemingly well researched and riveting exposing he level of corruption Manipulation greed was this book all over With shocking takes of greed, in the manipulation of the greatest game on this earth Great account of this important piece of football history Very interesting book The story of FIFA s fall from grace has it all power, betrayal, revenge, sports stars, hustlers, corruption, sex and phenomenal quantities of money, all set against exotic locales stretching from Caribbean beaches to the formal staterooms of the Kremlin and the sun blasted streets of Doha, Qatar In Red Card, investigative journalist Ken Bensinger takes a journey to FIFA s dark heart He introduces the flamboyant villains of the piece the FIFA kingpins who flaunted their wealth in private jets and New York s grandest skyscrapers and the dogged team of American FBI and IRS agents, headed by attorney general Loretta Lynch, who finally brought them to book Providing fresh insights on a scandal which has gripped the world, he shows how greed and arrogance brought down the most powerful institution in sporting history A wild, gritty, gripping, and at times blackly comic story, Red Card combines world class journalism with the pace of a thriller Red Card filmed as Houses of Deceit will be a major film, produced by Pearl Street Films, the production company owned by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck A very good in site into the corruption that was and probably still is in football The only thing I would say is that the author leaves many loose ends regarding the punishment meted out to the perpetrators probably to get the book published One of the biggest continuing scandals is Jeffrey Webb, ex Vice President of FIFA and ex President of CONCACAF was arrested in May 2015 and found guilty of racketeering, fraud and money laundering in Nov 2016 Although he was ordered to repay 6.5m probably only a fraction of the money he defrauded he is still a free man because he has been able to postpone his sentencing hearing no less than 7 times over the las 2 years Mmmmm wonder how he s managed to do that In addition to Webb Jack Warner, Webb s predecessor at CONCACAF, has continually evaded extradition from Trinidad to face indictment in the USA Pity the criminal investigation didn t quite reach to the very top, although Blatter was suspended from football by FIFA ethics committee but never faced criminal charges His net fortune as of 2018 stands at 20m.The investigation concentrates on CONCACAF and CONMEBOL but does not spread to EUFA, OFC, AFC nor CAF No doubt their time will come. I devoured this account of the FIFA investigation It is not always pleasant to discover how greedy and corrupt some of these soccer officials were, but it was nonetheless illuminating The author has an excellent way of turning what could have been a boring list of criminal activities into a lively and dramatic story If you love soccer, in spite of all the corruption that surrounds it, this is a must Sadly, FIFA s ridiculous decision to expand the World Cup to 48 teams shows that money still matters above all other considerations, even with a new president I fear that there will be a sequel to this book in a few years I ve bought this book three times twice as gifts because its so damn good I ve never in my life been interested in tax financial scams, but this fascinating read makes the slimy, ethically bankrupt world of FIFA remind you the Wolf of Wall Street These shady characters are surreal and somehow totally relatable at the same time Red Card is a mind blowing account of how corrupt Fifa really was is and so many of these stories expose the nature of greed at its worst Highly recommend.