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From the trenches of France, General Sean Courtney comes back to fame, fortune and a seat in the government Mark Anders, the courageous young South African whom he has come to regard as his own son, returns to nothing, his grandfather murdered and his property seized by an unknown company At the bottom of the mystery is Sean s son Dirk, the jealous, violent and power crazed genius whose all consuming hatred can only end in blood A Sparrow Falls is the thrilling third novel in the Courtney series, continuing from When the Lion Feeds and The Sound of Thunder Wilbur Smith never lets me down This was a book I was missing in the Courtney series I actually jumped ahead to the following book before I finally got this one I am not finished it yet but it is totally awesome The plot and characters are so real, and I totally love the history of Africa that Smith puts into his books I have purchased most of his books, still missing a few, but I will read them all. I haven t read this book for probably some 20 years in the meantime I have given all my beautiful hardcover books as this was originally, and my numerous paperbacks, to a charity as my wife hated them cluttering all the house now an avid Kindle user, I cannot wait to read this again a classic P.S I have well in excess of 600 books on kindle now and it fits in my pocket This is my third read by this guy and I have loved everyone His attention to detail is amazing and a little confusing He used words that are so genuine and that only somebody who has lived the book can know so how do you research those words you sort of have to know the answer before you can ask the question The descriptions actually put you in the scene, fantastic well done sir Despite not being in chronological order Wilbur Smith recommends that the books are read in the order that they were written and so the books When the Lion Feeds 1964 , The Sound of Thunder 1966 and A Sparrow Falls 1977 are the first 3 books in the first series of some of the Courtney family ranging from about the 1870 s to 1970 s I do think that to get maximum enjoyment these 3 books need to be read as a trilogy.In this third book, A Sparrow Falls our hero Sean Courtney has finished fighting the Zulus and the Boers and is now looking for somebody else to fight so he ships over to Europe to fight for the allies in WW1 where he meets Mark Anders Mark becomes a surrogate son to Sean taking the place of one dead illegitimate son by his twin brother s wife and a legitimate but evil son by a previous wife, now deceased, who Sean has disowned.Eventually Sean returns home to his wife, Ruth, and Sean enters into politics but still has to contend with considerable turmoil in his life A lot of that turmoil from his daughter, Storm, named after a clandestine liaison in bad weather with Ruth while she was married to Sean s new best friend, Saul.Sean and Mark realise that the wildlife of South Africa is nearing extinction and attempt conservation measures only to be undermined by Sean s evil son, Dirk Dirk is determined to ignore environmental matters and plough ahead destroying the country for massive profits leading to a showdown towards the end of the book.All along we are told of the tempestuous relationship between Mark and Storm which adds a bit to the book even though Storm is portrayed as clever, shrewd and stubborn and her actions are petulant, disloyal and stupid.A bit of a cliff hanger to the end but setting the scene for the heroes of later books to have native man servants and similar characters and tactics and general verbosity I did get a feeling of d j vu at some points but still a good read.