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An original novel based on the explosive new TV seriesStar Trek Discovery Despite being an inexperienced Starfleet cadet, Sylvia Tilly became essential to the USSDiscovery finding its way back home from the Mirror Universe But how did she find that courage From where did she get that steel Who nurtured that spark of brillianceThe Way to the Stars recounts for fans everywhere the untold story of Tilly s past It s not easy being , especially when everyone expects great things from Tilly It s even harder when her mother and father are Federation luminaries, not to mention pressing her to attend one of the best schools that the Federation has to offer Tilly wants to achieve great things even though she hasn t quite worked out how to do that or what it is she wants to do But this year, everything will change for Tilly, as she about to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime an adventure that will take her ever closer to the stars

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  1. Alaran Alaran says:

    This is the last of four novels published in conjunction with the first season of Star Trek Discovery Like the previous three, The Way to the Stars is primarily set before the television series and focuses upon a character before they become a member of the crew of the Discovery This one is concerned with Tilly and charts her personal journey of how she decides to join Starfleet It is, therefore, quite apt that this novel is published last of the four because it means that it has been released closer to the start of the second series of Discovery where Tilly has of a major role.For a Star Trek novel this is quite different, and even if you re fairly familiar with the character of Tilly it is, maybe, not what you d expect Charting a period of her life when she is sixteen years old, this is a coming of age type of plot Although it is reasonably impressive to come up with a newish approach to Star Trek considering the decades it has been around, I didn t really enjoy this It is too much of a high school drama A lot of the story is set in a posh school with the obligatory elements of not getting along with her fellow students and balancing classes.It is difficult to feel much sympathy for the lead character, her plight being that of a spoilt little rich girl sulking because everything isn t exactly as she wants it The author goes to great lengths to entice the reader to emphasise But in essence many of Tilly s problems in the story are of her own doing Yes, she does have an overbearing parent, but she also has another very understanding parent and supportive grandparents She is also quite irritating, but then I found the character irritating for the bulk of Discovery s first season She is a lot interesting in the second series.The trials she must overcome in her adventure aren t really that much of a challenge Although she copes admirably, she also receives a massive amount of luck and this period is only for a couple of weeks This is a shame because this is also the best section of the book The novel probably would have benefitted from having Tilly coping on her own for a much longer It would have given weight to her personal development However, a lot of her growth as a person takes place onscreen so this novel is limited with how far it can go developing the character.The novel doesn t really add anything to the programme However, it is an unusual approach to Star Trek and if you want to read a teenage school type drama in that universe and or a big fan of Tilly this is certainly written well enough to satisfy that.

  2. Peterborean Peterborean says:

    A gentle novel with not a single swear word, not a single drop of blood, not a single inkling of sex.Its about a teenaged girl s relationship with her overbearing mother Or Smother, as such a woman is galled in the Goldbergs It is a pre season one set up for Cadet Tilly in Star Trek Discovery, but it is actually much than that, it s another Una McCormack novel who weaves her own magic in the Star Trek universe.

  3. J. Walker J. Walker says:

    Bought early this morning, finished a moment ago Don t know what I was expecting but it wasn t this yet it was so easy to read and see all of the events in Syl Sorry, Tilly s life My brain keeps on trying to remind me of a kid at school story I read when younger but the way they story unfolded was great.Would love to see some other journeys of younger characters I m sure Michael s history would be a great counterpoint to the ordinary extraordinary that Fully went through.

  4. Nabil Hussain Nabil Hussain says:

    This book is well written and the narrative is easy to read It is a departure from the norm for stories of Star Trek Discovery but makes a refreshing change Consequently, there are a lesser amount of sci fi elements than usual but the whole book was gripping enough to complete reading Well worth 4 stars.

  5. Phil Ball Phil Ball says:

    A very enjoyable ST Discovery novel We met Tilly s mum early in season 2 I think and that character is fleshed out here Una McCormack is one of the best Star Trek novelists, and this just adds to her body of great works This novel is about how Tilly came to be working for Star Fleet, and where she got her love of astromycology from

  6. ian ian says:

    Tilley is a most unusual character Bright Human Normal But she is so much It will be an interesting ride Her story will be fun Just like what you hope from a star trek adventure.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    Tully is by far my favourite Discovery character She s so real not some old school star trek perfect exotic alien woman I very much enjoyed reading this back story and it was refreshing to read a light hearted star trek novel No violence or shocking text to keep me awake at night Loved it

  8. R. Hollingdale R. Hollingdale says:

    Great book, possibly the best Trek book I have read Tells the story of how Ensign Tilly became Tilly She s so smart, brave and a tiny bit awkward Love it

  9. NICO NICO says:

    A decent enough back story on Tillys character I would guess it s challenging for any author tohave to write a story for characters they didn t create insert Girl in the spiders web reference and also respecting Star Trek canon Overall this novel follows suit for a Star Trek novel decent but maybe not something you d recommend to a non Trekkie It did have some memorable moments though and provided further insight into Tillys character.

  10. Jeffrey Possberg Jeffrey Possberg says:

    The character of Tilly was fleshed out wonderfully this is not a typical Star Trek book but does shine light in corners of the future we don t often see and makes the novel universe richer as a result