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Exclusively from Audible In true Dickensian fashion, The Old Curiosity Shop offers a humorous yet devastating depiction of both the most honourable and most corrupt members of th century English society Hailed by Queen Victoria as being interesting and cleverly written , The Old Curiosity Shop introduces listeners to the uniquely colourful characters of Nell Trent, her young friend, Kit, her doting grandfather and the evil moneylender to whom they all fall prey, Daniel Quilp A gentle and caring young orphan, Nell works in her grandfather s shop alongside her only friend, the honest and hardworking Kit Upon discovering that their shop and income have been gambled away and are now in the hands of the wicked and grotesquely deformed Daniel Quilp, Nell and her grandfather are forced to flee from their hometown and throw themselves on the mercy of strangers forever to be hunted by the malevolent ghosts of their past First published inin serial form, The Old Curiosity Shop experienced worldwide success and was praised by the public and critics alike In this modern and original adaptation, Jessie Buckley delivers an astute and powerful performance which is guaranteed to intrigue listeners from the start

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  1. Will Bale Will Bale says:

    I couldn t think of a suitable adjective that has not been over used in the past to place in the title of this review that would express how good I think this piece of literature is I.e Emotional, epic etc.It s about the journey of a group of individuals centred around little Nell and her Grandfather, who are victims of circumstance It s about inequality, poverty and the desperation it causes It has a range of highly interesting characters and settings To date this is the only Dickens book I have read in entirety but one s impression is that throughout many of his works the author wanted to shine a light on the under dogs of class inequality inherent in British society.Some people who haven t read these works will try to claim that they are outdated but they re wrong this book is as relevant as ever because unfortunately injustice, poverty and inequality still exist in the world today.I m glad I read the book instead of watching a film version as I can t imagine that it would ever be as good The quality of writing is magical.If you have a taste for good literature and a good attention span then you should read this book but you might want to take your time and savour the writing instead of reading just for the sake of it.

  2. Gordon McRae Gordon McRae says:

    This was an interesting experience. Althoough I knew a lot of the stories by Dickens from Radio and TV productions, I had never actually read any of his books I found his decriptive passages verbose and his reported speach brilliant But, since this book started out as a serialised work in a periodical, its length is not surprising but it will take a modern reader some time to adjust to the 19th Century style However I did enjoy the experience.

  3. Michelle Michelle says:

    I read this book purely because Oscar Wilde once said, if you dont laugh over the death of Nell, you have a heart of stone Which kind of gave a huge part of the story away but it s Oscar, we can get over it I was really surprised to have the main character killed off to be honest, but i guess i should have known better as Dickens does love to bash his characters around Like most classics, I found it pretty hard going, but not overly descriptive as they can be One of the few Dickens I can actually say I half enjoyed.

  4. Mr. J. M. Haines Mr. J. M. Haines says:

    Although overall a good read, for me, The Old Curiosity Shop, is in my opinion, far from being one of Charles Dickens best works First of all it is at least semi misnomerous the title surely evokes for all, an emporium of almost worthless but oddly amusing interesting curios, with further appeal being added by the glorious hotch potch arrangement and display of all these goodies a chipped bust of Napoleon next to a commode, next to a plaster cast of Boadicea, with her nose missing Does this exist OK, it does, minimally, so minimally that why the book was ever given this title is a mystery, and one which can presumably never be solved.Right, old granddad and sweet granddaughter, forced out of said emporium due to debt, to do nothing but walk the streets, and as the story goes on, counties of England, hoping to work their way as they go on their way sometimes this works, often it does not, and much anguish, hunger and cold, and eventually illness, become the norm Dickens, eh You can t have one of the great man s tales without at least one waifen stray, here we get her grandfather to boot.Other characters, plenty, but here is where the story falls down Despite there being reasons and links between those left behind in the Smoke, and said family pair, their tales become somewhat separated and all in all, never the twain shall meet, for the lion s share of the yarn at least Put simply, ignoring the tenuosity, you get two different tales, neither of which see the inside of a going concern in the way of shabby objet dart But is either part of the overall book any good I say a provisional yes to this The characters, both ordinary and elevated, honest and bent and as ever in respective order in a Dickens tale are not particularly engaging, but in its way the story still manages to work as a reasonable to good read The useless debt ridden young gentlemen are there of course, and one, Richard Swiveller, is a hoot.Now to digress for a short spell I am sure many who have read one Her Benny , first published in 1879, will have smelled Dickens all over it I always thought it was just generally the case rich and poor, big house and slum etc, but there really is a strong likeness between characters and situations and aspects of this book, and that of the aforementioned best seller by Silas K Hocking At certain points, it seems as if the goodly Rev lifted parts of the plot of this book, straight off But back to this book and only this.The parts do not tie up well, not really, but they do tie up eventually But I am sure if you accept that not every Dickens work is brilliant, and can accept an offering somewhat less in literary quality, you will still enjoy this.

  5. Martin Grundy Martin Grundy says:

    It is generally hard not to give Dickens five stars, but I found The Old Curiosity Shop rather heavy going at times Unusually, it has a narrator at the beginning who soon stops speaking to the reader in favour of allowing the story to unfold itself, in other words Dickens then carries on normally and tells the story in the third person I found this a bit strange.Although the tale does indeed begin in the old curiosity shop, that scene is soon left behind and does not occupy the central location I was expecting from the title The baddies are plainly revealed from the outset, but I was pleased not to be able to predict every twist of the plot and was pleasantly surprised at who the heroes turned out to be.As ever with Dickens, most of the characters are caricatures but that is part of the enjoyment of reading his work There is less than usual to be amused at in this story and than usual on the theme of tragedy The last chapter at least ties up all the loose ends in spite of the rather abrupt and somewhat unsatisfactory conclusion Do not look for a happy ending The eBook has the standard crop of errors caused by scanning in the printed page and then not proof reading with sufficient rigour The majority of mistakes involve missing punctuation marks, making it difficult on occasion to know when characters resume speaking However, since this version of the text is entirely free, one can overlook that minor drawback.Not Dicken s best, in my opinion, a bit patchy but nevertheless enjoyable for the die hard fan.

  6. Andrew Dykstra Andrew Dykstra says:

    I have never had the time to read much of Charles Dickens, so now I am working my way through them in my later years I absolutely love reading this on my Kindle so I can choose a pleasing font and size The title does not feature as strongly in the story as much as I had anticipated Much of the story is the flight of two characters away from an unpleasant villain This book was originally published in serial form in a magazine Just like we anticipate the next episode of Walking Dead or Game Of Thrones, readers were anxious for updates on the travels of young Nell When ships arrived in the US bearing the latest issue of the magazine, even the dock workers were eager to learn of the new instalment I love this book and appreciate it that , to their credit, make available for free, some books whose copyright has expired.

  7. Shanky Shanky says:

    I remember having read this book long back and it was quite interesting Charles Dickens made sure that the plot and storyline are well complemented with great characters and sound detailing on the same Overall, this is a long read but truly worth the time This book takes you back in time and helps you revisit the those times which were so different and equally interesting.

  8. Michael Jones Michael Jones says:

    I just can t stop reading his stories another great one I will be re reading all his books I feel when I am reading this that I actually there

  9. Stefano C. Stefano C. says:

    Comprato per mia figlia, tutto ottimo come sempre assortimento, disponibilit , prezzo, servizio Per i libri la scelta d elezione, specialmente se si ha diritto alla spedizione gratuita.

  10. TAD Higginson TAD Higginson says:

    That a book written in 1840 or so could be so well understood and enjoyed so much in 2018, is just remarkable to me.

  11. Davey Davey says:

    Charles Dickens is among the most famous of authors He was brilliant at creating characters with depth and humour It is always rewarding to discover or revisit one of his novels.

  12. Sieg Sieg says:

    Rather a long book, but an interesting book Dickens is truly a master with words, and certainly paints some amazing word pictures in this book.