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A celebration of football by award winning sports writer Duncan Hamilton A massive audience in sitting rooms, parks and pubs watched England in theWorld Cup Yet as Duncan Hamilton demonstrates with style, insight and wit in Going to the Match, watching on TV is no substitute for being there Hamilton embarks on a richly entertaining, exquisitely crafted journey through football Glory game or grass roots, England v Slovenia or Guiseley v Hartlepool, he delves beneath the action to illuminate the stories which make the sport endlessly compelling Along the way he marvels at present day titans Harry Kane, Mo Salah, Kevin De Bruyne and Paul Pogba, reflects on sepia tinted magicians Stanley Matthews, Jimmy Greaves, Bobby Charlton and Pele, and assesses managerial giants from Brian Clough and Jose Mourinho to Arsene Wenger and Gareth Southgate The odyssey takes Hamilton from Fleetwood to Berlin, via Glasgow and a Manchester derby, making detours into art, cinema, literature and politics as he explores the game s ever changing culture and character The result, like the L S Lowry painting that inspired the book, is a football masterpiece

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  1. MSC MSC says:

    Very nostalgiac I m roughly the same age as Duncan Hamilton and can identify with a lot of what he writes about.His biography of Harold Larwood is also worth reading.

  2. Mark C Crockett Mark C Crockett says:

    Wonderful One97 the bayt football books I ve eveeyread Evocative, wRll written and expressing exactly the feelings of a matchI7oing can RECOMMENDED

  3. Felipe Norambuena Felipe Norambuena says:

    Amazing book, not so easy to read for non native, but still an excelent choice for football lovers.

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    Great for a Christmas present

  5. Lesley and John Lesley and John says:

    Fantastic book , captured the emotion and culture of football.really great

  6. Mike Lewis Mike Lewis says:

    A book for fans of Football.

  7. CS CS says:

    Bought as a present for my dad who loved it

  8. Greville Waterman Greville Waterman says:

    Every once in awhile and it is a extremely rare occurrence and treat you pick up a book and it takes you over completely and transports you to a different world or tugs at your heartstrings and emotions reminding you of what once was and is forever lost There are not many authors who possess the skill and imagination to do so and even fewer who predominantly write about football.Duncan Hamilton spent his early years as local journalist chronicling the achievements of the European Cup winning Nottingham Forest team and becoming a trusted observer and confidant of the immortal Brian Clough This provided him with the material for his wonderful memoir of those heady days entitled Provided you Don t Kiss Me 20 Years with Brian Clough In 2012 he bettered that with The Footballer Who Could Fly, a marvellously evocative, nostalgic and sentimental tribute to his father and an account of his difficult relationship with him and how football alone gave them a touchpoint and something to share and talk about Now with Going To The Match Hamilton has yet again proved to be a marvellously gifted observer quick to pick up the nuances of football and what it means to supporters, and he is able to describe his thoughts in beautiful and luscious prose.Hamilton kicks of by revisiting LS Lowry s famous painting of Going To The Match and illustrating how the painter s passion for the sport is so beautifully and accurately expressed and depicted in this glorious and ageless piece of artwork This viewing re energised and inspired him to take a journey throughout the entire 2017 18 season to watch football at all levels of the game, from Sunday kick abouts to International matches and describe not only what happened on the pitch but how the on field action made him and ideally the other spectators feel His Odyssey took him to such diverse venues as Newcastle, Fleetwood, Nottingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Wolverhampton and Berlin and like all the best authors he makes fascinating detours into the worlds of art, cinema, literature and politics in order to highlight the crucial part that football plays in everyday life.His attention wanders from describing the games that he is watching to bringing up half forgotten memories and he brings into sharp focus some of his footballing heroes from the past such as Stanley Matthews, Billy Wright, Bobby Robson and Brian Clough Hamilton spent much of his childhood in Newcastle and is particularly scathing about the Mike Ashley regime and how he has failed to grasp what Newcastle United means to the Geordie Nation He doesn t get it he owns the flesh and the body of Newcastle but not the soul and he never will because he seems unable to recognise what it is, or what it is worth to those who do I have never read such an accurate and cutting description of a misfit owner.Hamilton is no mere nostalgic, endlessly harking back to the old days and claiming how much better they were, as he rejoices in the talent, brio and sheet athleticism of modern day heroes such as Harry Kane, Mo Salah, Dele Alli and Kevin De Bruyne but with his broad perspective of watching the game at all levels for so many decades, Hamilton can place them all into historical perspective and compare and contrast them to similar icons from the past.Hamilton is excellent on what it means to be a fan and the dichotomy of how their inherent bias allows them to excuse gamesmanship and foul play executed by their heroes yet decry the same behaviour by the opposition We rail at the excessive spending of other teams and of massive ticket prices yet still implore our own chairman to bet the ranch on success.I found myself nodding in agreement at so much that Hamilton wrote and particularly in how we return to football every week because it helps some of us to enjoy life and others to endure it.Football is a common language that breaks down barriers and something that often seems to take over our lives This book did that to me for several days and I recommend it wholeheartedly.