Tennis Psychology: How to Build Mental Toughness in Tennis (Audio Download): James Ford, Chris Ansoff, James Ford: Audible Audiobooks epub –

Tennis is not an easy sport when I major in it in my college class I always thinking about how I can do it well, but I have to give up after all But I get a lot of answers in this book to let me rethink about it and I try the ways in this book It works I am really happy to have this book now. Absolutely awesome While the book may be geared toward tennis, it really can be applied to any sport or even other areas of your life Great motivation and inspiration too. I learned a lot from this book and I will recommend it to others but the many typos and errors were annoying. Take your game to the next level Sports can be psychologically demanding Tennis is no different Many tennis players come close to success and give up because they make themselves believe they are not talented enough Many times, this is not the case at all The problem is usually a lack of mental toughness or mental strength This audiobook will show you tested methods to make you psychologically strong and give you the ability to deal with any situation on the tennis court You can take control of the moments that matter by becoming mentally strong Master the inner game and you will master tennis and take your game to the next level Here is a preview of what you ll learn What it means to be mentally strong in tennis The biggest mental mistakes tennis players make How to improve your mental strength How to maintain top performance How to overcome mental blocks How to build confidence Make winning a habit Taking your game to the next level Much, much Download your copy today