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In May of , Seattle mountaineer Jim Whittaker stepped into world history by becoming the first American to summit Mount Everest More thanyears later, he is still regarded as a seminal figure in North American mountaineering, as well as an astute businessman who helped create the outdoor recreation industry A Life on the Edge Memoirs of Everest and Beyond is Jim s courageous, no punches pulled autobiography and a look at a peripatetic, sometimes difficult life Beyond the glory of the Everest summit and his other extraordinary climbing feats, including the first American summit of K, he openly describes his personal everyman experience of social upheaval in the s and s, an early divorce, family strife, a passionate new love later in life, near bankruptcy, and business triumphs and losses Jim tells it all with verve and honesty and, true to his nature, turns every setback into the stage for new adventure This special th anniversary edition celebrates the story of Jim s life and features a new foreword by Ed Viesturs, as well as a new final chapter that brings listeners up to date, including details of Jim s trek to Everest Base Camp inand his son Leif s recent successful summits of Everest

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  1. knut sellevold knut sellevold says:

    Jim Whittaker is a prominent person among climbers His buisness life, political and environment involvment is important, and finally his credits as a climber and expeditions leader is part of American climbing history There are other books covering the subjects as the first American sucess on Everest and K2 Now we have Jim s own story among the other contributions and books The book is well written It gives us an insight in his achievments as well as his personal life Well worth reading.

  2. Prezgirl Prezgirl says:

    This is an inspirational book and the recipient was duly impressed

  3. Hefmeister Hefmeister says:

    Great book for anyone who is interested in American mountaineering exploits, the history of Recreational Equipment Incorporated REI and the autobiography of a highly driven mountaineer, businessman, entrepreneur, family man and adventurer This book would particularly interest both active and armchair adventurers in the Pacific Northwest.

  4. C Martin C Martin says:

    For those who want to learn about 20th century mountaineering history, this is seminal I found Whittaker s life story full of great heights pun intended and major setbacks a good reminder of how life is unpredictable I learned he and RFK had a wonderful friendship, too.

  5. Judy Johnson Judy Johnson says:

    Enjoyed re reading it

  6. Rebecca J. Gilbert Rebecca J. Gilbert says:

    Very good book.

  7. JoAnn Kane JoAnn Kane says:

    Great book Beautiful photos Lots of history and a thrill to read.

  8. Dean J. Scofield Dean J. Scofield says:

    Superb and enlightening record of a worthwhile and successful life A man whose efforts and achievements are to be envied Not pompous Not self aggrandizement Also fast and easy read

  9. Boldventure Boldventure says:

    I truly enjoyed Jim Whitaker s book, A Life on the Edge He shared great stories about Everest, K2, his friendship with the Kennedy s and many A great read.

  10. Shananigans Shananigans says:

    Well written Great story Easy to read.

  11. Customer Customer says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book It was well written and a fascinating story.

  12. John Kundert-gibbs John Kundert-gibbs says:

    What a fun read It s nice to hear from a US perspective during the earlier high mountaineering period Very engaging, without flinching from the inherent dangers of the sport.

  13. David M. McLean David M. McLean says:

    A great book about a true American hero in the Mountaineering and adventure world I just loved reading it again.