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I like the focus on getting the fundamentals right Squat Lunge Core, push ups, and cardio Diet Rest Would recommend. So far this book is pact full of instructions and how tos to get your body looking picture perfect I can t wait to start getting results Recommend this book Thanks. This book is great for those looking to start building some muscle and this book was recommended by a friend of mine, so I decided to check it out and It is a very easy read and covers all the bases and the definition portion is a little tedious, but great for a beginner and the best thing about it in my opinion is that in the beginning it defines the terms specific to the science of working out and dieting, which makes it easy to read and understand for anyone and i would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in health and fitness. This book is very good and it contains an abundance of incipient and efficacious steps and information about Bodybuilding This book is impeccable for those who are into fitness book and for those who wants to ken information about this topic this book will be very handy for you guys This book is very well indited by the author and i highly recommend this book to all of you guys. This is nice book on Build muscle.in this book Fats Into Exponential Muscle Growth in 10 Days Discover How Strength Training, Bodyweight exercises etc.easily follow these instructions. Discover the most effective techniques back by science to build muscle mass fast Complete with a full nutritional diet meal plan and strength training exercises When it comes to building muscle, many people are simply doing the wrong exercises or have the most flawed diet plan Without proper nutrition and a clear work out plan, you could spend hours in the gym and still be small and inadequate Introducing Maximum Muscle Turn Fats Into Exponential Muscle Growth inDaysInside this book you will learn How muscle is built How to target the various muscle groups for growth The upper body, core, and lower body The topmuscle building exercises for exponential muscle growth Secret bodybuilding strategies you wish you knew How to program an effective training cycle that works for you How to make the most out of your bodyweight workouts How to choose the optimum number of repetitions Why bodyweight workouts are super fast super efficient How to get started with strength training with just a set of weights Benefits of Bodyweight Training include Help build and maintain muscle mass Increased oxygen use by muscles Reduced joint and bone pain for long term bodybuilding Protection of bone health muscle mass Enhanced fat burning and weight loss belly fat Increased resting metabolic rate Improves fitness overall quality of health Increased levels of energy boost in mood And a whole other list of positive benefits Let s not wait any longer Buy this audiobook today for a transformed body