read online Best Try Not to Suck: The Exceptional, Extraordinary Baseball Life of Joe Maddon (Audio Download): Bill Chastain, Jesse Rogers, Ben Zobrist - foreword, Mike Chamberlain, Tantor Audio: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Bill Chastain –

With his irreverant personality, laid back approach, and penchant for the unexpected, Joe Maddon is a singular presence among Major League Baseball managers Whether he s bringing clowns and live bear cubs to spring training or leading the Chicago Cubs to their first World Series victory inyears, Maddon is always one to watch In Try Not to Suck, ESPN s Jesse Rogers and MLB s Bill Chastain fully explore Maddon s life and career, delving behind the scenes and dissecting that mystique which makes Maddon so popular with players and analysts alike Packed with insight, anecdotes, and little known facts, this is the definitive account of the curse breaker and trailblazer at the helm of the Cubs new era

15 thoughts on “Try Not to Suck: The Exceptional, Extraordinary Baseball Life of Joe Maddon (Audio Download): Bill Chastain, Jesse Rogers, Ben Zobrist - foreword, Mike Chamberlain, Tantor Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Pat Muzic Pat Muzic says:

    Excellent, rapide

  2. M. Albert M. Albert says:

    Just okay Nothing like Verducci s book which was fantastic It was mostly a book of quotes from the people involved Quotes are generally fluffy and that s how I would describe this book fluffy.I really wanted to love it, but meh.

  3. History Dean History Dean says:

    Not the best book on Maddon and the resurgent Cubs The bulk of the book is sourced from newspaper interviews and access to Maddon was limited, if it existed at all A lot of the material is covered in other books that aren t specific about Maddon I had hoped to learn about the man behind the glasses but this ended up mostly as a rehash of stories that have been told previously.

  4. Bill C. Bill C. says:

    The book is well planned out It is also thorough and well written, but there is no thesis It s just the facts It does a very good job revealing the effect Madden has had on his players, but I think it falls a little short regarding what makes Maddon tick Maybe it s just a matter of what you see is what you get I was expecting about Maddon s early life and the cultural aspects of growing up in Hazelton PA hard coal county and perhaps how that experience effected Joe The book covers that part of Maddon s life, it just doesn t speculate or theorize I was also hoping there would be story development, a theme perhaps, as it relates to the title of the book which I thought was an intriguing title Again, the book fell short There is a story in the book that relates to the title, but it is not a central theme or anything like that That being said, the book is a decent read I would recommend it to anyone looking for a chronological narrative of Joe Maddon s achievements and the effect he has had on those he has coached.

  5. Timothy Schum Timothy Schum says:

    How many times can your convey that Cubs manager Joe Madden thinks outside the box After covering his background, the author repeatedly reminds us that Joe thinks outside the box, s than apparently any other manager There are citations of this In many cases they are not original research but grafted from news stories from a variety of newspapers covering Madden s managerial stints at either Tampa Bay and Chicago The book was obviously rushed out to capture the magic of the Cubs World Series victory Not very inspiring

  6. Jeffrey Murphy Jeffrey Murphy says:

    Cubs fans and, secondarily, Tampa Bay Rays fans will love the book that shows how their eventual Hall Of Fame manager rose through the ranks It s a quick read, mostly quotes and observations The book lacks locker room intrigue that many sports book haveit s mostly surface level praise for one of the most unique managers in baseball Still, it s a great way to get fired up for the Cubs 2018 season.

  7. MR MR says:

    This book doesn t suck It makes clear that Joe Maddon has had and is having an exceptional, extraordinary baseball life because he s an exceptional, extraordinary guy This book is full of revealing stories about Maddon s life in baseball, his impact on the game, and of course, his impact on his players Ben Zobrist s heartfelt foreword is just one example of the latter.This fun read revealed Joe Maddon as a man with deep knowledge of baseball who, despite his years in the game, is still able to try new things That open mindedness is described in chapter after chapter He also comes across as the rare boss able to admit mistakes as he does in the fascinating chapter about the Cubs game 7 nail biter on the way to their first World Series Championship in 108 years.Try Not to Suck is a great addition to my baseball book collection.

  8. Lady Lady says:

    The narrative used was really blah, and could not keep your interest Was hoping for insights into the person, and stories from his life Instead this reads like a run down of people and places kinda like a history book No great revalations sadly.

  9. Jim R. Jim R. says:

    Jesse Rogers has become a baseball insider after working his butt off as a producer at the Score and now as a well informed reporter The vignettes in this book will be fodder for all once Maddon s contract is not renewed this coming fall.As for the book, Triumph books never fails Typos everywhere.

  10. DaveWohlhueter DaveWohlhueter says:

    I knew some of Joe s background, and that made it interesting to read about places I was familiar with He was an easy going person, but expected the best from everyone Very intelligent in all phases of life, not just baseball This is an easy book to read and enjoy, but it also portrays a message on how to live your life.

  11. Woodsnot Woodsnot says:

    This is a great book on Joe Maddon however because its poorly written and edited even worse names spelled wrong it was a difficult read Joe deserves his story to be told better than this.

  12. Susan M. Susan M. says:


  13. Steve Steve says:

    Although a good history of his career, there were too many glowing reviews from other baseball people A lot of repetition.

  14. Jean Litaker Jean Litaker says:

    Happy with it

  15. Customer Customer says:

    Husband doesn t read mine h but he loves the Cubs and really enjoyed this book.