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Running has become and popular in recent years, with thousands of people entering marathons, buying new running shoes with the latest technology, and going for a daily jog, whether on the track or on a treadmill Unfortunately, with running comes injuries, as a result of wrong information and improper training Author Jay Dicharry was tired of getting the same treatments from doctors that didn t heal his joint and muscle pain from running, so he decided to combine different fields of clinical care, biomechanical analysis, and coaching to help you avoid common injuries and become the best runner you can be Along with clear and thorough explanations of how running influences the body and how the body influences your running, this audiobook answers many of the common questions athletes have Do runners need to stretch What is the best way to run What causes injuries Which shoes are best for running Is running barefoot beneficial The mobility and stability tests will assess your form, and the corrective exercises will improve your core and overall performance so you can train and run with confidence, knowing how to avoid injuries PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio

14 thoughts on “Anatomy for Runners: Unlocking Your Athletic Potential for Health, Speed, and Injury Prevention (Audio Download): Jay Dicharry MPT SCS, Roger Wayne, Tantor Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Jimmy B Jimmy B says:

    I ve read a lot of running books including many on the physical bio mechanical side This stands out above all the others If you are injured or even if you are not injured and want to do what you can to avoid injury in the future then this is a must read in my opinion The author clearly knows what he is talking about Check out his you tube videos if you want a taster on what this book offers The mobility stability tests at the end are a great tool to identify your bio mechanical weaknesses then there are plenty of exercises to correct these, in the right order which is a critical point that many other books overlook

  2. TheOldFellow TheOldFellow says:

    I knew nothing about anatomy, nor how the bits work together This is accessible and easy to understand, and I now think I understand it better.I read it on an old Kindle, and the pictures and colour are part of the needed material So I switched to the Kindle app on a tablet much better.The tests and exercises are excellent, and you can avoid doing stuff you don t need, but discover good exercises to fix your real issues Not a replacement for a trainer or physio, but a good add on.

  3. Simon Simon says:

    As someone who has struggled with multiple chronic injuries over the past couple of years, I decided to take a look at this book Which amazingly was recommended by a bodybuilding friend of mine I can see why it was so highly regarded, it isn t just a book that smacks you with different exercises, stretches and routines The entire aim of the book is to make you think about your form and issues that you may come across, allowing you to consider what works best and what needs work It gives a fantastic chart indicating issues and what can be done as well as discussing the age old questions including shoes, running economy, strength training and it s position in running as well as solving injuries.I would highly recommend this book to anyone, not just runners but body builders, strength trainers and professionals in the fitness business The book incorporates a lot of time into making you train intelligently and integrating your neuromuscular system into your routine A fundamental must but often overlooked part of any regime.I would give it than five stars but I can t

  4. Noel Costello Noel Costello says:

    In line with many of the other reviews this is certainly not an easy read, however I think it is essential for those serious about running and ensuring their running longevity The chapter on the Essential of the Running Gait is particularly insightful and I have already made made a number of adjustments to my running style which I feel are already yielding results.

  5. Matthew Thomas Matthew Thomas says:

    This is a great book well written, well thought out, and different from most other running books that you will come across Please note though that there is now a UK edition available, which has been re edited UK spellings, grammar, etc , re designed, but has been re titled to Run Like an Athlete Same great information and illustrations though.

  6. nuttyrunr nuttyrunr says:

    Very informative book regarding running technique and injury prevention, including how to perform the exercises correctly a step most coaches etc forget to address There is no point doing the injury prevention exercises if they re done incorrectly Highly recommended book if you want to run better, efficiently and without injury.

  7. Mr. P. Cooke Mr. P. Cooke says:

    Great book, I couldn t put it down I m running better all ready and hope to keep improving using what I ve learned in this great book.

  8. Steve Cox Steve Cox says:

    Easy to read, easy to follow If you re a runner or aspire to be one then this book is a great investment It s already paid for itself in my case as I was able to use some of the guidance to speed the recovery from a running injury Highly recommended.

  9. Olaf Palmer Olaf Palmer says:

    Jay Dicharry escreve de uma maneira acess vel para o leitor corredor que quer aumentar os conhecimentos sobre fisiologia biomec nica de uma maneira objetiva e pr tica.Este livro ajuda a entender diversas quest es relacionadas ao esporte e as t o temidas les es Levanta a import ncia do desenvolvimento neuromotor sim, seu sistema nervoso, ou sistema de controle essencial no seu desempenho atl tico e aponta que a falta de equil brio e flexibilidade s o a causa de grande parte das les es comuns dos corredores.Duas frases marcantes do livro n o adianta ter um motor potente com um chassis fraco Alta pot ncia com alavancas fr geis s o a receita para o desastre Recomendo fortemente a leitura.

  10. Louisa Elle Louisa Elle says:

    This book is a must have for any runner but especially for those who are injury prone I like the structure of the book, it gives you theoretic knowledge first and then gets practical by providing tests to pin point your body s weaknesses After that there are great exercises that work on strenghtening your weak links This book is a great base for people that are willing to put in the dirty work to hopefully have a injury free, efficient running future Also a great read for anyone coaching runners The book can be slightly repetitive at times and the exercises could use a bit pictures as you have to read the instructions really closely Overall I m happy I bought it will be refering back to it time and time again.Would be great if it were to be translated into other languages..

  11. alexandre penna alexandre penna says:

    como ele diz no livro, voc encontra muito aconselhamento para corrida, mas tratando do motor Esse o primeiro falando de como cuidar do chassis ossos, ligamentos, tend es interessante notar que por incrvel que pare a h muito conhecimento recente nessa rea, gra as a novos laboratrios voltados a atletas de elite O livro muito bom, permitindo detectar problemas e dando o caminho para sua corre o, antes que provoquem contus es Concordo com comentrios da edi o em ingl s teria muito a ganhar com um ndice melhor, um ordenamento dos testes e exerccios fcil se perder no livro Poderia ter links para vdeos na internet Certamente em futuras edi es v o melhorar essa parte.

  12. Dany-Jack Mercier Dany-Jack Mercier says:

    Ce livre nous conduit vers une meilleure compr hension des pr requis qui permettent de courir longtemps et bonne allure sans se d truire Il explique les m canismes qui entrent en jeu et les derni res avanc es de la recherche Il se termine par un chapitre de tests de mobilit et de souplesse, et une autre chapitre sur les mouvements particulier permettant de r habiliter les muscles, tendons et fascias impliqu s dans cette mobilit Voulez vous tester la mobilit de votre articulation de la cheville celle du gros orteil ou encore voir si vous tes suffisamment souple du bassin pour pouvoir courir sans d velopper des tensions dangereuses qui m nent droit la blessure Ce livre est alors fait pour vous

  13. Wayne Wayne says:

    The majority of the book provides a broad, general instruction in how a running body works, breaks down and can be repaired The information is of expert calibre, but it is presented in a breezy and engaging manner, the last few chapters will save a runner visits to a physio by allowing him or her to self test for problems then design a corrective program Totally worth the cost if you run and want to be much healthy.

  14. Melike Melike says:

    Casi la primera vez he le do un libro en un MES No es por que es complicado, pero por que hay mucha informaci n y necesitas tiempo para absorberla bien Me ha encantado el libro, todo explicado sencillamente para deportistas de todos niveles.Hay muchas fotos para ver mejor los moviemintos, adem s muchas gr ficas Me ha gustado la parte de lesiones especificas, bueno, en general creo que he aprendido mucho de este libro..Yo lo he le do en ingl s, no creo que haya diferencia entre espa ol e ingl s.