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Damian Stockwell was raised from birth to be a force for good Trained to combat the evils of the world and blessed with the physique of a demigod, he travels the globe on a quest to confront evil and punch it in the face At his disposal is a vast fortune, an endless array of gadgets, and an army of loyal allies The year isA mysterious curse has possessed Stockwell s friend, and nothing will stop him from dishing out justice one fist at a time From the bowels of the darkest jungle to the armpit of the Statue of Liberty, there is no place that evil can hide from Damian Stockwell

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  1. S. Barrow S. Barrow says:

    Good classic story of good versus evil but in 1920s America Our hero, Damian, is like the forerunner to James Bond with his gadgets and cars A fun read with some great characters and than a touch of humour.

  2. Consuming Worlds Consuming Worlds says:

    Damian Stockwell is one of the richest men alive that also happens to be one of the most formidable minds and bodies in existence and one of his friends is in trouble but before he can even make a plan to help, someone tries to kill him, using something that perplexes even Damian s genius mind All he knows is that the strange device is the key to finding his missing friend and Damian will stop at nothing to help a friend in need.I wasn t sure what to expect when I first picked up Horror in Honduras, but I was expecting humor as I have read other things by Benjamin Wallace and he never fails to deliver a laugh And a laugh I got Benjamin Wallace did not fail in delivering his usual humor and did a great job of bringing Damian Stockwell, the over the top, super genius to life.I am a big fan of action and adventure in both my movies and books, these type of books are so easy to get lost in, as you imagine yourself as being one of the heroes in the tale Though I am no super genius and no master fighter, I couldn t help but imagine myself in the tale of Damian Stockwell Who wouldn t love to be a kick butt genius I know I would.Damian is one of those characters that despite being one of the richest men alive, a genius and force to be reckoned with, manages to stay a down to earth gentleman who is also a loyal and dedicated friend In Horror in Honduras, Damian is fighting to save a friend who has gone missing in Central America, and he will put every resource he has attempting to save his life Of course he get s the shock of a lifetime once he finds his friend and is forced to see things a little differently I would tell you what that is, but then I would just give things away, and that wouldn t be fair As you follow Damian in his adventure you also get to meet his loyal valet and sidekick Bertrand.These two characters have a wonderful and natural relationship with each other, often times reminding me of brothers They banter back and forth and the two of them are often found in the center of a great tale, fight, or humorous conversation.There were times when I felt that the story was a little too over the top, but every time those thoughts crept into my mind Damian went into kick butt mode and my over the top thoughts fluttered away on wings of a bird At first things seemed almost unbelievable, but as the tale unfolded I discovered as did Damian, that there was to the story than met the eye Damian is a bigger than life character, with bigger than life attributes, it is amazing that Benjamin Wallace managed to keep him contained in the book Horror in Honduras was a fun adventure that sweeps you away and delivers you to a world where anything is possible, especially if you are Damian Stockwell If you are looking for that next great adventure tale or are a fan of Dirk Pitt, than you should definitely pick up Horror in Honduras and venture through the world of Damian Stockwell

  3. Clayton Clayton says:

    Horror in Honduras, the first installment of The Bulletproof Adventures of Damian Stockwell, is a blazingly fun adventure story that slides right into the vein of adventure comedies like The Venture Bros There s not a single page in this book that doesn t play out like a high energy Hollywood blockbuster, and Wallace doesn t miss a trick when it comes to peppering the story with the perfect blend of laugh out loud and heavy groaning humor.The peril Damian faces in this book is unique and engrossing, and the various ways he manages to come out victorious against his would be assassins are the product of an exceedingly creative mind The fight scenes, of which there are many, are consistently fun and surprising.The humor action dichotemy is an incredibly difficult style to pull off, and Wallace pulls off their pairing nicely and with immensely enjoyable style He s a talented writer and an enthralling storyteller, and I m looking forward to reading of Damian s Bulletproof Adventures.

  4. Jadd Miller Jadd Miller says:

    Fun read I have enjoyed the Post Apocalyptic Nomadic Warrior series so I figured this would be clever, irreverent, and quick Yepcheck, check, and check Damian Stockwell is no John Galt but then again Benjamin Wallace isn t Ayn Randboth of which I am thankful Tongue firmly in cheek, Mr Wallace takes us on a fast paced journey with this paragon of a man, Damian Stockwell Rich, handsome, adventurous, inventor of a litany of wonderful things, including his own martial art Yephe s THAT awesome And he s on OUR side, folks The first half of the 20th century can rest easyDamian Stockwell s got it all under control Dam, he s good Fast read, fun but simple plot, spotted the bad guy from his or maybe it s a her introduction Good value for the time and money I ve just started Terrors of Tesla and expect to enjoy it as much I hope you enjoy Horror in Honduras, too

  5. Justin Sylvia Justin Sylvia says:

    I d like to preface this by saying that even though I set this at a 3 Star rating, I m in the camp of a 3.5 rating While the timeline of this book is of some interest to me, the one thing that does to a degree bug me call me a Snowflake if u must, but I m but the treatment of the butler who is supposed to be a friend confidant of his Overall, a decent start to the books I suppose.

  6. S. Slaton S. Slaton says:

    Getting the guns right is important Proper description of firearms is something I strive for in my own writing Messing up the guns will turn me off of a book or movie quicker than anything Benjamin Wallace gets not only the guns, but all the machines of the era correct except for an unfortunate mix up of clip versus magazine Next to firearms accuracy, I appreciate his humor and well written fight scenes No one writes a fight scene like Wallace He paces his action so that you ll want to press on with the next chapter, but will be able to set the book aside to make a sandwich if need be Overall, Horror in Honduras is a fun escape into another era, when men could be manly without apology.For a Good Price Rayland County Series Book 1