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The first comprehensive, authoritative biography of American icon Arthur Ashe the Jackie Robinson of men s tennis, a pioneering athlete who, after breaking the color barrier, went on to become an influential civil rights activist and public intellectual Born in Richmond, Virginia, in , by the age ofArthur Ashe was one of the state s most talented black tennis players Jim Crow restrictions barred Ashe from competing with whites Still, inhe won the National Junior Indoor singles title, which led to a tennis scholarship at UCLA He became the first African American to play for the US Davis Cup team in , and two years later he won the NCAA singles championship In , he won both the US Amateur title and the first US Open title, rising to a number one national ranking Turning professional in , he soon became one of the world s most successful tennis stars, winning the Australian Open inand Wimbledon inAfter retiring in , he served four years as the US Davis Cup captain and was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame inIn this revelatory biography, Raymond Arsenault chronicles Ashe s rise to stardom on the court But much of the book explores his off court career as a human rights activist, philanthropist, broadcaster, writer, businessman, and celebrity In the s and s, Ashe gained renown as an advocate for sportsmanship, education, racial equality, and the elimination of apartheid in South Africa But fromon, he was forced to deal with a serious heart condition that led to multiple surgeries and blood transfusions, one of which left him HIV positive In , after completing a three volume history of African American athletes, he was diagnosed with AIDS, a condition he revealed only four years later After devoting the lastmonths of his life to AIDS activism, he died in Februaryat the age of , leaving an inspiring legacy of dignity, integrity, and active citizenship Based on prodigious research, including thaninterviews, Raymond Arsenault s insightful and compelling biography puts Ashe in the context of both his time and the long struggle of African American athletes seeking equal opportunity and respect

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    Arthur Ashe is a key figure to understand the evolution of tennis, and this book has everything about him tennis, personal relationships, race problems, social activism Starting from a humble black neighbourhood, he ended up being one of the all time most influencial tennis players Good manners, intelligent quiet a gentleman , but also a great great player US Open Wimbledon Davis Cup winner Having already read Jimmy Connors John McEnroe autobios, this book even got me some info I did n know about them for example, Davis Cup 81 Arthur Ashe will always be remembered as a great human being.

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    What an incredible life this man lived He was a titan of sport, but his contributions to civil society made him a saint.I loved learning about what made him great 1000 hits of wallball every morning as a kid , but, even as a tennis fan, the degree to which the author explores Ashe s involvement with the Davis Cup seemed excessive.Otherwise, an excellent biography I m happy I read it.

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    As I close this novel, I can only hope for a future where racism will only be known through a history book Inciteful, inspiring and well written.

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    Great bookGreat priceGreat read

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    This book was extremely detailed and a bit too much for most readers.

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    Around page 370, the book jumps over 30 pages to page 402, and the intervening pages are stuck further back in the book Makes it confusing and you have to read with two book marks Unfortunately this was a gift.

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    What a wonderful human being and tennis player