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After zero gravity heroics left astronaut Nicolas Rogers injured, his new job as a park ranger seems perfect Being a caretaker of his corner of the Smoky Mountains makes him almost okay with having to be on Earth More importantly, this deep in the woods, Nico s practically a hermit at a remote ranger station Sure, he has good friends in nearby Knoxville, but he s otherwise free from petty drama and broken heartsuntil Deen enters his world Caught in a compromising position by relentless paparazzi, rock star and international playboy Deen Jayse barely escaped with his career intact He needs image rehab and a break from fame His manager strongly suggests a stint in the Smokies, promoting national parks and being wholesome That would be a lot easier if Nico weren t there in his sexy park ranger uniform Nico already has his hands full with arsonists at the park without Deen adding to his workload He thinks he has to babysit a spoiled celebrity, but when he catches a glimpse of the man behind the persona, he sees something he can t resist They ve both experienced the isolation of fame, and while their loneliness brings them together, their worlds threaten to tear them apart Deen can t just drop everything to go live in the mountains, and Nico can t abandon them After a taste of being together, how can they possibly face a future apart Splinter is a stand alone gay romance novel with an HEA ending and no cliff hanger Book number two, Grasp, now available

8 thoughts on “Splinter: Significant Brothers, Volume 1 (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: E. Davies, Greg Boudreaux, E. Davies: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Tigger Tigger says:

    Ed Davies has created another great series There is romance, drama, a HEA ending You know what you are getting, it is well written, happy romance fare What sets him apart is that the characters are well thought out with full backstories and their personal and professional interactions reflect the personality he has created for them I engaged with both Deen and Nico.I will definitely be trying another of the Significant Brothers stories.

  2. Helen Juliet Helen Juliet says:

    What a gorgeous start to the Significant Brothers series Deen and Nico s relationship is sweet and seriously hot Beautiful setting, great story and not too much angst Also it set up the group of friends nicely for books to come I can t wait to read about the other couples Highly recommend.


    I enjoyed this Book very much will read it again

  4. glyn cooper glyn cooper says:

    Love it.


    Good series Hope for

  6. A Harvey A Harvey says:

    We have astronaut turned park ranger Nico who gets saddled with rockstar Deen when the latter is ordered to detox and get away from it all at the National Park where Nico works Over the weeks they spend together, our pair fall head over heels for one another and what follows is a lovely angst free romance.Oh I really liked this one Both men had their insecurities they had to work with but there was no easy fix, they had bit of a rough time with it There was no drama about coming out, both men were confident and secure with their sexuality which was nice There was really no drama at all regarding their relationship, no angsty soul searching or tears breakup just two guys quietly freaking out inside their heads whether they could do thus right but determined to give it a chance.Such a delightful start to what promises to be an excellent new series, I m so much looking forward to reading about the other guys in Nico s gang.

  7. Cadiva Cadiva says:

    When an author sneaks a Pink Floyd reference into the first chapter of a book then I know it s going to be my kind of story.This delightful romance from Ed was just what I needed to get myself out of the bookslump I d been in since finishing Jaclyn Osborn s epic Spartan tale Axios.Nico and Deen were an awesome pairing, I loved how they connected and how little drama there was in both their relationship and in the book itself as the bad boy rock star found his lodestone in the arms of a former astronaut turned park ranger.The setting of the book, in and around the Smokey Mountains, also brought a lovely light touch, all fresh air and bright sunlight to shine on their growing romance And the sneaky Toni Basil Hey Mickey quite just made me smile .Can t wait to find out about Nico s bunch of friends either on the rest of this series The gorgeous cover only adds to the pleasure.

  8. Chelsea angel Chelsea angel says:

    Nico an astronaut turned park ranger and Deen a partying rockstar 2 total opposites till they meet at Nico s national park.Deen has been ordered to go and detox meeting Nicole throws him and the feelings he starts to develop.They totally connect but worry that their different lifestyles will make it impossible for a relationship to work The question is can they A beautifully written story Ed has a way of drawing you in and keeping your attention I would highly recommend this book as your next read.