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The book is ok Big DC fan over the years but Not sure DC is best qualified to advise on how to build a winning team As a side issue, I Am getting fed up with misrepresenting postage charges which were almost the price of the book I enjoyed this David is a very good race commentator now for Channel 4 as it reflects his vast experience as a successful Formula One driver, though often with self deprecating anecdotes that work well for me.I m looking forward to seeing how his son does in racing and wish him the same success or maybe than his Dad enjoyed. As much as I like and respect D C I got the impression that a lot of the book repeated itself with inclusions regarding himself, his family and his upbringing Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed his book I always supported D C when he drove in F1 I absolutely enjoy his commentating on Channel 4 Great respect for you D C. Loved this book Well done DC for providing us with the business angle of F1, which as far as I can tell no one has done before There are some engaging nuggets from his racing career and interesting stories from his post racing career which he weaves into comparisons with real life situations that the reader can use as good life advice The book basically is a manual about how to conduct yourself to achieve success in life Great advice great man It struck me after reading the book that of all the retired racing drivers, Coulthard is the most successful This book tell you why that is. Just finished reading this book Although most principles are not new I really liked the way DC put the F1 experience together with the business principles Since I love reading about F1 this was again offering some insights to the F1 world while it is educational and inspiring. I found this a real nice and easy read Very well written, insightful and inspiring It reminded me of Shoe Dog by Phil Knight if you loved that you ll love this. If you are an F1 fan this is worth reading just for the insights into the world of F1.An easy read and positive advice, though some of the advice is common sense. How does a pit crew change four wheels inseconds And what does that mean for a company like Blackberry What is Ron Dennis secret to good time management And how can that help TV producers Why is F the perfect example for leadership, motivation and strategy And what can we learn from it In The Winning Formula, driver, commentator and entrepreneur David Coulthard opens the doors to the secretive world of F and reveals in simple, entertaining and utterly compelling terms how he has been able to master this mind boggling variety of disciplines by applying the skills honed from his years at the top of the world s most demanding motorsport By recounting his own stories and combining them with firsthand experience of stellar individuals such as Lewis Hamilton, Ron Dennis, Sir Frank Williams, Christian Horner and Sebastian Vettel, Coulthard provides a fascinating fly on the wall insight into F but at the same time offers an invaluable guide to the business of sport and the sport of business One or two nice anecdotes about F1 here and there, but other than that the book lacks any significant insight It presents a whole bunch of very obvious things about how to be successful as being learnt from F1, but they re little than stating some of the most obvious things that anyone who really put some thought into how to be successful would also come up with be on time, plan ahead, team work matters, attention to detail is important, dress appropriately, be efficient with your time There are too many times where points that could be made in a page run on for five or so that the book becomes a book and not a pamphlet What s wholly overlooked, is that many business lines have cost pressures that prohibit the exacting standards David expounds not every business can operate like F1.I like David a lot, and admire what he s achieved, that s why I was so disappointed to read such a vacuous book. Es interesante y ameno, y para los amantes de la F1, es una delicia Era un regalo, y est encantado con el libro.