[epub pdf] Defying the Enemy Within: How I Silenced the Negative Voices in My Head to Survive and Thrive (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Joe Williams, Joe Williams, Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd: Audible AudiobooksAuthor Joe Williams – Circuitwiringdiagram.co

Great read, well written, easy read, with a important message and many inspirational words of advice Great work Joe and thanks for sharing your story. I enjoyed reading this book cover to cover inspiring, humble and a joy to read An amazing man and terrific role model I liked that Joe Williams s book is broken down into two parts In Part 1, My Story, Joe talks about his life as a young boy and the man he is today In Part 2, Defying the Enemy Within, Joe provides examples of the coping skills he uses to manage Bipolar Disorder on a daily basis.I would recommend this book to everyone because the only way to move away from the stigma of mental illness is for the population at large to become informed. Former professional sportsman Joe Williams shares his struggles with mental illness and reveals what has helped him survive and thrive Former NRL player, world boxing title holder and proud Wiradjuri First Nations man Joe Williams was always plagued by negative dialogue in his head, and the pressures of elite sport took their toll Joe eventually turned to drugs and alcohol to silence the dialogue before attempting to take his own life inIn the aftermath, determined to rebuild, Joe took up professional boxing and got clean Defying the Enemy Within is both Joe s story and the steps he took to get well Williams tells of his struggles with mental illness, later diagnosed as bipolar disorder, and the constant dialogue in his head telling him he s worthless and should die In addition to sharing his experiences, Joe shares his wellness plan the ordinary steps that helped him achieve the extraordinary