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After a long day of prepping a house for painting, all Gus Berry wanted was the night off to spend some time with his girlfriend and relax before having to return to work the next morning But that isn t going to happen Because Gus s co worker Benny has found a one night job at the local Mollymart East, a job that has to be done by morning If Gus and his paint crew can complete the work by then, it could mean huge business with a respected, established grocery store chain But as Gus and his fellow painters soon discover, the much anticipated zombie apocalypse doesn t start with a bang It starts on a Monday And barricading themselves inside a megastore isn t the end It s just the beginning

11 thoughts on “Mountain Man: Prequel (Audio Download): Keith C. Blackmore, R.C. Bray, Podium Audio: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Terry Tyler Terry Tyler says:

    I was so pleased to discover this the first Mountain Man book starts a while into the zombie apocalypse, so it was great to find out how Gus got to where he is in Book 1 Also and I am sure I am not alone here I always find the most exciting part of any post apoc series to be the very start, when people think something is happening, but maybe it ll be okay then come to the slow realisation that it s the very opposite, and life as they know it was breaking down even as they were kidding themselves.In this prequel we see Gus in his pre zombie days as a painter of the decorating sort , on an emergency job during what will be his last normal evening of his life We see the night turn to sh t as he is stranded in a shopping mall with a couple of work friends and a bunch of random people, wanting only to get back to the woman he loves.The main characters Gus and his friend Toby, mostly are well rounded and realistic, and the dialogue is great During the first half of the book I felt certain parts could have been edited down a bit, or just given a bit spit and polish, but as Gus s plight gains momentum in the second half of the book I no longer cared the last thirty per cent, in particular, is riveting.I still think Books 1 3 are the best of this series, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one, too If you love zombie series, or any post apoc, I can t recommend this series too highly Definitely going to have a crack at some of Mr Black s horror books, too.

  2. Georgette.H.Denholm Georgette.H.Denholm says:

    I just love this book.It has everything I want in spades.Zombies, Action, Gore,blood n guts, Believable, Interesting characters, And of course you kill my darlings, Never good when that happens,but that s life and you got rid of the bitch so it balances out.Great read Mr Black Thanks for all your hard work.

  3. Hellsbells Hellsbells says:

    I have read the whole series of Mountain Man books this one was where it all started, so if you can read this one first Brilliant read, I love the way Black writes these books its the right balance of fear and excitement When he was being chased at the end I felt like I was being chased too my heart was pounding I will miss you Gus the ultimate survivor x

  4. Woodcutterfrog Woodcutterfrog says:

    This is one of those rare occasions when the prequel is much better than the book it is written to precede Believable in concept with very well written characters and realistic scenarios Hard to put this one down, Borderline 6 stars

  5. Charlie Charlie says:

    Finished the last of this series a while ago, highly recommended, one of the best zombie series around, as good as the undead world series, and its nice to have a proper start and finish, without running out of ideas.

  6. graeme graeme says:

    Worth a read I finished it but will probably not order series.

  7. Doghouse Gav Doghouse Gav says:

    I ve missed gus so much Was great to get him backstory and find out how he ended up an alcoholic zombie arse kicker Top read.

  8. Craig Duncan Craig Duncan says:

    Once again, great characterisation and dialogue, which pulls the reader in, wanting to read just one chapter Shame this is the last we will hear of Gus.

  9. Marcus Rideout Marcus Rideout says:

    Loved this book Can t wait for book 1 to arrive this week.Quite a few suspenseful chapters I was on edge as each page pulled me to the next chapter until it was complete.It s a straight up zombie horror book I enjoyed the main group of painters, even if Toby drove me nuts at times P Def a fun read.

  10. Nancy N. Nancy N. says:

    As usual, Keith Black has done it again I was so sorry to finish the Mountain Man series I m looking forward to reading of his books.

  11. Teresa Roper Teresa Roper says:

    Started off good, until they left the mallall downhill from there Uninteresting or obnoxious completely unlikeable characters Waste of time.