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Audible presents an original dramatisation of Charles Dickens Dombey and Son, first published as Dealings with the Firm of Dombey and Son Wholesale, Retail and for ExportationA literary masterpiece in which Dickens gift for vivid characterisation is at its best, this is the story of a powerful man whose inability to appreciate those around him leads to his lonely demise and, later, his possible redemptionThis edition features an exclusive introduction written and narrated by John Mullan, professor of English at University College LondonAbout the bookPaul Dombey, owner of the shipping company Dombey and Son, dreams of having a male heir to take on the family business With only one daughter to speak of, his resentment grows and is often manifested through the neglectful if not abusive treatment of his wife, Fanny, and child, FlorenceFollowing the long awaited birth of a boy, Mr Dombey triumphantly throws himself into the care and education of his pride and joy, his son, Paul, indifferent to the death of his wife following an arduous labourAs his daughter grows in strength, beauty and kindness, his son s sickly disposition makes him weaker and weaker by the day Despite the bond and friendship forged between the siblings, Mr Dombey continues to despise and resent Florence, and after a period of intended rest by the seaside, the family is oncerocked by a tragic deathA touching and unexpectedly uplifting story of change, forgiveness and familial love, Dombey and Son will keep you gripped, moved and wholly surprised until the endAbout the authorWith his father incarcerated, Charles Dickens had to abandon his studies at a young age and set to work in a factory so as to support himself Despite his short lived education, Dickens went on to writenovels, various articles, novellas and short stories These include Hard Times, Bleak House, Oliver Twist, Barnaby Rudge, Little Dorrit and A Tale of Two Cities He lectured and led campaigns for children s rights and education and arguably became the ultimate self made man